Award-winning weekly trade publication Hong Kong Trader's Melanie Ho talked to FringeBacker recently about crowdfunding, and how FringeBacker works at sourcing financial backers for businesses, creative individuals and inventors, as well as IT developers and sports people. This article is first in Hong Kong Trader's series that features entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, highlighting the fact that finding private financial backing for a business is increasingly becoming an online campaign.

China's National Equestrian Championship Gold-Medalist, and Hong Kong international, 22-year-old Jacqueline Lai successfully completed one of China's largest crowdfunding campaigns to date.  Breaking all of FringeBacker’s fundraising records and setting the world’s crowdfunding record for a sportsman, Lai’s campaign has ended on 27 March 2013 at HK$366,700 (US$47,316), becoming probably the world's largest by an international athlete.

Although a relatively modest amount compared to the multi-million-dollar crowdfunding successes through U.S. platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Lai's historical achievement on FringeBacker looks set to change the way that the Chinese public participate in online crowdfunding as well as the way that international athletes approach their funding goals.

'GOOD NEWS' published a 2-page spread on the world's leading crowdfunding platforms for entrepreneurs, featuring Kickstarter, Indiegogo and FringeBacker.



Economic Digest this week toasted recent breakthroughs in mini-filmmaking, brought by crowdfunding. Featuring FringeBacker-funded iPhone film 'Spy B', which exceeded expectations recently by successfully raising 341% of what it had targeted, the authors explored some of the fascinating stories behind fundraising success.



Frank Kan and Syreeta Sik came recently to interview FringeBacker and photograph us for an extended feature article entitled "Let's Fund Creativity Together" for Ming Pao. They are fantastically creative journalists and we had a great time together for the interview.  They were the inspiration behind many other thought-provoking feature stories in Ming Pao.  Here's their article:


FringeBacker will be conducting a talk about Crowdfunding for Information and Communications Technology tomorrow (Feb 27) at Cyberport.

An exclusive event for Cyberport's leading-edge Entrepreneurs and Incubatees, this is a first opportunity to learn about one of the hottest new online methods to raise funds. Bring your own lunch and come join us!


FringeBacker was absolutely delighted to have been invited by our friends at UNESCO to a huge turnout of over 5,000 young people at UNESCO’s Peacemakers' Day last weekend.  This follows on from the Opening Ceremony that FringeBacker joined in officiating last December, together with consular representatives from 15 nations.

This awesome event was organised under the direction of Professor Patrick Lau SBS JP, President of UNESCO Hong Kong, and Professor Samuel Leong, Director of UNESCO RLCCE. Professor Leong reiterated that the Celebration was not just "One day for peace", but that "Today is one important step along the continuing road towards peace. Whatever course your lives may take, may you always strive to make decisions and take actions that would make a difference to 'Peace for All'.".

In a day filled with fascinating and creative events presented by young people -- like the impressive installation arts exhibition, the inspiring cultural performances, the creative and festive peace street arts carnival -- the one that caught FringeBacker's eye the most was the demonstration of the making of "Hong Kong style milk tea"!  Lest you wonder why tea was featured at the event, we can remind you (or we're chuffed to be the first to tell you) that Hong Kong's "cha chaan teng" (Hong Kong style tea house) has been recognised and put up to UNESCO as an "intangible cultural heritage of humanity".  Yes!!!

FringeBacker is excited about continuing to play its part in supporting UNESCO and helping promote culture, creativity and arts by its project creators in filmmaking, design, technology, music, sports and so well as countless backers who play such an important part in bringing so many projects to life.  Thanks so much for having us.  We hope you will enjoy our efforts in featuring great projects brought to you by the most creative young people! 



Officiating at the ceremony were Dr Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, GBM, GBS, JP, Member of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Professor Tao Xiping, Vice President of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and President of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in China


The Peace booth, one of dozens of cultural and national exhibitions at the event.

blog 3

One of many cultural performances by local students


blog 4

5,000 enthusiastic young people were out in full force in performing at this awesome event


Christy Choi of South China Morning Post talks about FringeBacker bringing crowdfunding to Hong Kong's entrepreneurs and creative types. Jacqueline Lai, Hong Kong’s homegrown equestrian showjumper gold-medallist, is the first equestrian to gather public participation in the exciting journey towards the Asian Games through a crowdfunding campaign.


The super guys at PC Market Magazine covered FringeBacker in a 4-page exclusive "how to" feature this week. Oh, and, by the way, great pictures of FringeBacker-funded upcycling designer Agnes Nong at her leather workshop!


FringeBacker kicks off the New Year by speaking at United Nations' UNESCO Observatory RLCCE's Focus Issues Seminar Series on Cultural Development & Sustainability

Hong Kong has embarked on an ambitious arts and cultural development process through the West Kowloon Development Project, but the development of a vibrant cultural environment and sustainability need to go hand in hand.  It should provoke an interactive and democratic process of searching and reflection about the present and the future, helping to clarify goals within a shared value system, and aiming to reach some kind of consensus.

Ÿ      How do we build a cultural environment that enriches the quality of human life?

Ÿ      How do we build the resilience and sustainability of the cultural sector in Hong Kong?

These are some of the key issues that will be addressed at this event to be held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education on 26 January 2013 at 2:30 p.m.  Please join us there, together with other pre-eminent speakers from cultural and academic sectors!

Admission is free but seats are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  So, to reserve your seat, please contact UNESCO's Ms. Vivien Leung at 29486425 or by email at [email protected]