The Guardian on Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong to get new crowdfunded independent newspaper.


Take a look at what FringeBacker fundraiser Pink Lee is doing in Nepal to help with relief efforts救災的真相/


Ming Pao: First independent English language online news source in Hong Kong raised $220,000 in a week. Now crowdfunding on FringeBacker

South China Morning Post (Young Post): Hong Kong Free Press crowdfunding on FringeBacker to provide an alternative news source in Hong Kong.



Fundraise for Nepal! With over 5,400 death tolls and massive destruction to the country, victims are in need of international aid. FringeBacker's Nepal Relief Programme is an easy way for you to start your own fundraiser for free and FringeBacker will support by donating 100% of its administration fees to your selected charity. Join the community and start fundraising!


Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive project has received an overwhelming support from the public and the martial arts community, especially the Lau Ka Keung Film Boxing Director Charitable Foundation Limited「劉家良導演慈善基金」. Their support will be an integral part of preserving and documenting the city’s intangible cultural heritage. 


Micro Galleries is bringing their street art to South Africa's Cape Town on March 29! Crowdfunding on FringeBacker.


NOW TV Finance Channel's Wealth Management Programme interviewed FringeBacker on the impact of crowdfunding in Hong Kong and mainland China. 


A full house audience takes in insights from ‪FringeBacker‬‬, Benson Chiu of ‪‎AristCafe‬‬ and Stephanie Holland of ‪Aura‬‬ on “How To Crowdfund Your Idea Into Reality”. Thank you to ‪GeneralAssembly‬‬ for hosting another successful session!


a.m. post dedicated this month’s issue to explore the potential of Visual Arts Crowding, and took a closer look at how FringeBacker offers more than a crowdfunding platform for artists to bring their project to fruition.