Did you know that each and everyone of us is entitled to a certain amount of open space? Find out more from the Unopened Space crowdfunding campaign by Civic Exchange on FringeBacker.

See Apple Daily: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/realtime/news/20160112/54631779


A crowdfunding campaign for a café employing the visually impaired. Check out Café des Lebens' story on ET Net 經濟通.



“Since FringeBacker has started in Hong Kong, we have seen crowdfunding evolve into different fundraising sectors, from charitable to personal crowdfunding. It is not limited to creative projects, starting up businesses or producing a product. FringeBacker’s online system empowers people with advance features to build a campaign around what they are passionate about, encourage like-minded people to follow them through their creative or personal journey, and also gain traction for new followers. We allow people the capacity to define their own success in different ways, so there is really no one way that you can crowdfund for your cause,” said Maryann Hwee, Executive Director of FringeBacker.

See Jumpstart: http://jumpstartmag.com/news/personal-crowdfunding-fringebacker/