FringeBacker was delighted to have been invited to be the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Macau. We were warmly welcomed by the Rotarians, and had a great evening sharing with them how FringeBacker’s platform can help make charitable fundraising fun and easy for Rotarians and their community.


Hong Kong Economic Journal featured the trans-continental charitable bicycle journey of FringeBacker-funded FreeWiders . The two men had conquered 8,000km in 120 days, all for the benefit of fundraising for Inspiring HK Sports Foundation to support programmes for underprivileged teenagers in Hong Kong.



FringeBacker-funded international equestrian Jacqueline Lai, representing the Hong Kong Jockey Club float, welcomed Chinese New Year in Hong Kong’s 2014 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade.


FringeBacker was delighted to have been the guest speaker today at Rotary Club of City Northwest Hong Kong’s luncheon. We’re looking forward to deploying FringeBacker’s charitable fundraising platform to make it fun and easy for Rotarians and their service to the community.


Congratulations to the Gatling Gun Revival, the local indie-folk band successfully raised over HK$20,400 (136% overfunded). The funding, like the first bullet fired off from the Gatling Gun, provides a great start for the band to forge ahead with their music album debut and allows them to film and produce their music video to further the band's creative vision. We are looking forward to hearing more from them!


Hong Kong Daily News reporter Janice Li wrote an in-depth article on FringeBacker being the crowdfunding site of choice for the community, offering a new way for funding cultural development – museums, artists, athletes, charities and more. FringeBacker provides a platform for them to showcase their work and take the lead to get up close with their audience and their community.


Congratulations to InspiringHK Sports Foundation’s Bike To Dream charitable fundraising on FringeBacker, successfully raising HK$57,710 (144% overfunded). The FreeWiders (Isaac Cheng and Jan Choi) completed a trans-continental journey from Hong Kong to New Delhi, India, cycling 8,000 km in 120 days, the longest bicycle journey for charity in the world. These funds will benefit 40 teenagers from low income households in Sham Shui Po to engage in sports activities for a year. Well done InspiringHK and all of you out there who supported their innovative campaign on FringeBacker to engage the community to support sports charity.


Hong Kong Economic Journal published a full-page story on FringeBacker’s multi-award winning painter/ fashion designer Chailie Ho -- the first Hong Kong watercolour painter / fashion designer to crowdfund, engaging the public to participate in her campaign.

The first successful swap exchange crowdfunding campaign in Asia! Congratulations to JupYeah and the huge number of Juppers in Hong Kong. In collaboration with Very Hong Kong Festival 2013 , JupYeah successfully presented the first free-admission swap event at the Kwun Tong Promenade --- a green, young and hip version of the Tai Tat Tei of times long gone.

Enthusiastic crowd was attracted to join the swap event on that day.