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    FRINGEBACKER is an online platform offering you a fun and efficient way to showcase, support and back some of the best ideas in the world. We have a simple mission: to empower everyone to change the world, one good idea at a time. We believe that everyone should be empowered to raise funds for themselves, a loved one or a worthy cause.

    We always believe that a good project can be spread rapidly and widely if it is communicated well. Like-minded people who appreciate your project can be a tremendous source of financial and moral support for you.

    Most projects on FRINGEBACKER adopt an “All or Nothing” backing method where projects must reach their minimum funding goal; otherwise no money changes hands. There are also other projects that may fall outside of an “All or Nothing” backing method like in the case of charitable projects where there isn’t any strict minimum funding goal.

  • Who is eligible to run a project on FRINGEBACKER?

    If you think you have an amazing project idea, our platform is here to help you translate that into reality. Here are some basic guidelines, but please refer to our terms of use for more information:

    • You are 18 years of age or older, or have reached the legal age in your country.

    • You are creating a project in your own name or on behalf of a registered legal entity.

    • You have an address, bank account, and government-issued photo ID or passport.

    • Parents and teachers may launch projects in collaboration with children under 18 only if the adult owns and is in charge of running the project itself.

  • What is an "All-or-Nothing" project?

    An “All-or-Nothing” project is required to state its minimum funding goal and has to reach or exceed the minimum funding goal by its backing deadline; otherwise the Project Creator does not receive any of the fund raised. This means that any backing amount that is charged will be refunded to the Backer. 

    Since this is refunded in the same currency that is charged, if your credit card is denominated in a different currency, there might be exchange rate differences between the time of your charge and the time of your refund.

  • What is the advantage of an "All or Nothing" backing policy?

    1. There is less risk for everyone. For example, if a Project plans on needing a minimum of $100,000 to execute or complete, but it turns out that it has only received $40,000 backing. As a result, the Project Creator will not receive any of the backings and backers will receive a 100% refund, because with a reduced budget, there is no way that the Project can be executed or completed in the same way as it has originally planned for.
    2. It is easier for Projects to raise funds. A minimum funding goal helps to give Backers a better understanding of your Project, and along with the protection by our refund policy, Backers are more happy and willing to support you because they feel protected.
    3. Having to reach your funding goal motivates you and your thinking. To bring your great idea to life, you need to be initiated to go out and spread the word to as many people as possible.
  • Why some projects do not have minimum funding goals?

    Certain projects fall under a category that is not of an “All or Nothing” nature where a minimum funding goal is not applicable. To qualify for such a project, you will still need to set a time limit for your fundraising, and we may require you to prove that you are fundraising for a not-for-profit organisation or for a great cause. For projects of such nature, you may also get your own dedicated page on FRINGEBACKER for all your fundraisers and also set up recurring donations or backings. A great example would be fundraising events for charities where raised funds go to a worthwhile cause.

  • Does FRINGEBACKER receive any ownership or own any intellectual property rights of the projects?

    Absolutely not. Project Creators keep 100% ownership and intellectual property rights of their projects. Nothing that is done on FRINGEBACKER has anything to do with shareholding or loans or any kind of profit-share or investment or financial return.

Creating a Project on FRINGEBACKER

  • How do I start a project on FRINGEBACKER?

    You may do so by clicking the “Start New Project” button on our landing page, which will take you through the process to start your project.

  • How does the creative project review process work?

    We do review projects to see if Project Creators have submitted sufficient information about their projects and if they meet the eligibility criteria. However, our review process is nowhere near being a science and do not intend to look out for the interests of the Project Creator nor for Backers. For example, because of the large number of projects, we do not review with a view to verify the merits or likelihood of success of a project, nor do we review to endorse the Project Creator’s intentions or thinking, nor any other kind of similar review. We may accept or refuse to accept a project for showcasing on FRINGEBACKER, but sometimes we may ask for further clarification by raising questions to Project Creators.

  • Does FRINGEBACKER verify what a project creator says he is going to do?

    FRINGEBACKER never goes about studying or investigating what a Project Creator says he will do, because that's the Project Creator’s responsibility. Backers must decide for themselves whether a project is valid or is worthy. That's why Project Creators showcase their ideas through FRINGEBACKER's multimedia presentation platform, so that Backers can study them and make their own assessments.

Account Settings

  • How can I change my profile name?

    Just simply log on to FringeBacker and you can edit the settings in your profile page.

  • How do I log in if I have forgotten my password?

    Easy. Just request a password reset at the bottom of the login page.

  • Why does my Facebook account show someone else

    It may be that you are using a computer that is logged in to someone else’s Facebook account, so if you connect to your FRINGEBACKER account, Facebook will create a link to that other person’s account. So make sure that your computer is either logged out of Facebook or you have already logged in as yourself.

  • What is Facebook Connect? And should I connect my FRINGEBACKER account to Facebook?

    Facebook Connect is a common way used by many people to link their Facebook accounts to many other online services. If you want to link your Facebook account to FRINGEBACKER, you do not need to create a new account. It is just the same as logging in through Facebook, so no new password is needed. It's easy. It's up to you, but many people find that it's the easiest way to log in to FRINGEBACKER.  

    If you are not feeling comfortable showing your Facebook profile on FRINGEBACKER, you can either adjust your privacy settings on your Facebook profile or log in to FRINGEBACKER by using alternative options. Remember, we give you many choices -- just choose whichever one you are most comfortable with.

Project Creators

Project Basics

  • Is there any maximum funding goal?

    No, we do not impose a ceiling on your funding goal.

  • Can I continue to raise money even if a project reaches its funding goal before its backing deadline?

    Yes, of course you can. A project continues to accept backing through to the end of the funding campaign period.

  • Can I edit my project after the project has ended?

    After a project's funding campaign period has ended, all project's information, including write-up, video, photos, rewards, profile, FAQs, etc. are normally kept unchanged as of the time of completion. However, we would suggest all Project Creators to update Backers from time to time on their working progress through Project Updates and Project FAQs.

  • Can I delete my project after I have launched it, and how long does a project remain on FRINGEBACKER?

    No, once a project is launched on FRINGEBACKER, it cannot be deleted. It does not matter whether the minimum funding goal is reached, or is not reached. In each case, a project will remain on FRINGEBACKER if FRINGEBACKER wishes to keep it on display.

  • If I delete my FRINGEBACKER account, will my projects also be deleted?

    No, your project will not be deleted even if you delete your FRINGEBACKER account.

  • Can I launch and run more than one project at the same time?

    Yes, you absolutely can. We do not limit the number of projects that you can have running at any one time, as long as they all meet our requirements. Having said that, we want to remind you that running multiple projects concurrently might require a lot of effort to manage and market them all. So you need to assess whether you have the time and resources to run more than one project at the same time.

  • If I don't meet my minimum funding goal, can I try again and launch my project on FRINGEBACKER another time?

    Yes, of course you can try again. For example, you might try again after revising your project or funding goal or with some other modifications in order to improve it.

  • Can I break up my backing timeframe for the same project into different phases, so that it becomes several projects, with each project being for one particular phase?

    Yes, you can, especially if each stage of the project is distinct enough and if there is sufficient time in between, raising funds. It's up to you to figure out how to structure your projects.

  • If I am part of a group of people who create a project, can all of us in this group be listed on FRINGEBACKER as the Project Creators?

    No, you can’t. You can only create a project in your own name or on behalf of a registered legal entity, but you can certainly list your team members. These names will all show up on your FRINGEBACKER project page.

  • How do I know my idea is not going to be stolen?

    FRINGEBACKER is a platform for you to showcase your ideas, and to interact with your potential Backers. But if you are not prepared to openly share information about your project, then FRINGEBACKER likely is not the best place for you.

  • Can anyone who lives anywhere in the world create a project on FRINGEBACKER?

    It doesn't matter where you live, as long as the laws of the place where you live do not prevent you from doing so or do not prevent FRINGEBACKER from offering this platform service to you. We don't know where everyone lives, so we cannot answer questions for everyone about the laws of different places.

  • How much time does it take for a project to be ready to be launched on FRINGEBACKER?

    It depends. The amount of time it takes to launch a project on FRINGEBACKER depends entirely on how much preparation work you have done beforehand. If you have decided what you are offering as your rewards to Backers and you have your video ready, and you have your write-up all done, then you can get started pretty quickly. Of course, you can always spend more time to prepare for your project page if you wish. We do not set a deadline for launching a project.

    If you want to launch quickly, there are a few things for you to keep in mind. Once you have submitted your project to us, it may take us some time to review it, depending on the number of other projects that we are reviewing at that time, and depending on our priorities regarding what kind of projects we wish to display at that point in time. Therefore, don't submit your project with a view to having it launched instantly on FRINGEBACKER!

  • Do I have to offer rewards to my Backers?

    No -- but of course we would encourage you to offer rewards to thank your Backers. Funny and interesting rewards might help attract Backers to back your project. In general, a reward is something that is produced by the project itself. Naturally, it can be something else too. It's up to you to decide. E.g., other things might simply be an autographed copy of a DVD, or it may be something elaborate like a harbour cruise or ferry tour or a dinner for a party of six, etc. It is up to you to decide. But there are some things that you are not allowed to offer as a reward, like anything that requires specific governmental or regulatory approval to do, e.g., anything to do with investments, or shares, or loans, or financial instruments of any kind, or lotteries, or raffles, or sweeptakes, or coupons, or discounts.

  • Can I set a limit on the numbers of a reward that I offer?

    Yes you certainly can, it's all up to you.

  • How can I get necessary information from my Backers (e.g. mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) in order to send them rewards?

    FRINGEBACKER allows you to obtain information from your Backers in the most efficient and the least time consuming way. You can set up the questions which you need to ask your Backers for obtaining any necessary information while you are creating your project.

  • What should I do if I cannot deliver a reward by my estimated delivery date?

    You should notify all your Backers of the new estimated delivery date as soon as possible, for example by a Project Update explaining the unexpected circumstances. The estimated delivery date is exactly what it says it is, it is just intended to let people have an idea about when they will expect to get their rewards. But if there are unexpected difficulties, which is common in everyday life, people will likely understand if you communicate with them promptly.

  • Am I responsible for answering questions that come from Backers and non-Backers?

    There might be many numerous queries after people read up about your project and watch your video. Maybe these queries are about delivery dates, or about the idea itself. When you see these kinds of queries, you must reply promptly. You should also display your answers in FAQ section of your project page if there are other people who ask the same questions. It is very important that you are totally open and honest on FRINGEBACKER.

  • What should I do if I cannot deliver a reward by my estimated delivery date?

    First, the estimated delivery date is exactly what it says it is, that is, it is an ESTIMATION. It is not intended to be binding on you, it is just intended to let people have an idea about roughly when they will expect to get their rewards. But if there are unexpected difficulties, which is common in everyday life, people will likely understand if you communicate with them promptly and explain.

Project Media

  • What file format should I use for my video on FRINGEBACKER?

    A video cannot be bigger than 250MB, and it must be in one of the following formats: 3PG, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG.

  • Do I have to submit a video to FRINGEBACKER?

    You don't have to post a video, but we really highly recommend that you do, because a video can help explain and present your project and you in a multimedia way. It is likely to help you succeed faster in getting backing.

  • What suggestions do you have for making a good video?

    Your video should be simply and straightforward. You do not need to be a filmmaking expert, just be yourself in the video and talk about your project. Just simply showing your face in the video is enough to allow your Backers to get to know you better. You can also show some examples of your work, or your workplace, or your working style, or anything else that you think would help to get your message across. Remember to include at least the following elements in your video:

    1. Who are you? What is your background, experience, expertise and why are confident you can deliver on completing your project?
    2. What, exactly, is your project?
    3. What are you asking people to do? (Back you, of course!)
    4. What rewards are you offering to thank people for backing you?
    5. What do you want to say to people at the end of your video? (Thank you!)

    You are not a video expert, and people understand that, so your video does not have to be perfect and you can shoot it in any way as you like. We do not set a limitation time on your video shooting, so you can spend as long as you feel comfortable, as long as it does not exceed our size limit.

  • What file format should I use for photographs on FRINGEBACKER ?

    If you post photographs with your write-up, they must not be more than 10MB in total. We must impose this limit otherwise our servers would slow down very quickly. Please use one of the following file formats only: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP

  • Can my video be uploaded after I launch my project on FRINGEBACKER?

    We recommend you to have your video uploaded by the time that you launch your project on FRINGEBACKER.

  • Can I delete my project image from FRINGEBACKER?

    No, you cannot delete it, but you can always replace it with a new one (or a better one).

  • Can I delete my project video from FRINGEBACKER?

    No, you cannot delete it, but you can always upload a new video to replace the old one.

  • Can I break up my backing timeframe for the same project into different phases, so that it becomes several projects, with each project being for one particular phase?

    Yes, you can, especially if each stage of the project is distinct enough and if there is sufficient time in between, raising funds. It's up to you to figure out how to structure your projects.

  • Can I use copyrighted materials as part of my project on FRINGEBACKER?

    Absolutely do not use music, images, video, or other content that you don't have the rights to. It is the easiest way to avoid copyright trouble if you create all the content yourself or if you use content that is free for public use. Don't break the law!

Project's Updates

  • What is a Project's Update?

    "Project Updates" is our name for each project's blog. A Project Creator uses Updates to keep his Backers informed about the development of the project. It is the best way to keep Backers informed about a project's progress.

  • How should Project Updates be used?

    Project Updates can transform a project from a simple fundraising campaign into a story that Backers will eagerly follow. Backers can also feel more involved with a Project Creator who keeps them updated with progress. It's all about being honest and open!

  • What media types are allowed in these Updates?

    We let you choose what you wish. E.g., you can post Updates with video, audio, and images. Go ahead, use our resources!

  • How will my Backers know that I have posted an Update?

    Once you have posted a Project Update, we will notify all your Backers by email.

Payment Method

  • What are the different payment methods on FRINGEBACKER? Are they safe?

    We are very flexible. We accept payment in numerous ways, including credit cards, PayPal, online bank transfers, by cheque or cash deposit. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be transferred to our banking partner’s secure platform or PayPal's safety certified payment platform, and all credit card data will be SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted. You can be rest assured that no credit card information will be stored or processed on FRINGEBACKER’s server.

  • If I close the window accidentally while I am processing a payment, what should I do?

    If you have not yet submitted your credit card information, please go through the payment process again. If you are in any doubt, you can contact us and leave us your name, phone number and payment information -- we will follow up as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you also contact your issuing bank or organisation directly.

  • If I do not receive any confirmations from FRINGEBACKER after the payment is completed, what should I do?

    Once your payment is completed, the system will automatically send a confirmation to your registered email address, but it may have gone to your “Spam mailbox”, so please check there as well. If you are still unable to locate the email confirmation, please contact us and leave us your name, phone number and payment information -- we will follow up as soon as possible.



  • When will my payment be charged after I make a backing?

    You will be charged immediately after you complete the payment process.

  • Do I pay anything if the project does not reach its minimum funding goal by end of the Project’s funding campaign?

    No, you pay nothing. If the minimum funding goal is not reached, you don't pay anything and you get your money back (subject to any foreign exchange discrepancies, if your backing amount is in a currency that is different from your credit card's currency).

  • Can I make a backing without publicly disclosing my identity

    Yes, you are able to make a backing without publicly disclosing your identity. You can do so by selecting the "I want to keep my name anonymous to the public" option when filling out your details during the backing process. But of course, your payment details will include your actual identity even though those are never displayed.

  • Is my backing amount publicly shown so that everyone can see?

    No, we do not display the amount that you back. Your backed amount is only visible to you and the Project Creator.

  • What information does a Project Creator receive after I make a backing?

    A Project Creator sees limited information, like your FRINGEBACKER username, your backing amount, and the reward you have selected. If the minimum funding goal is reached, we will also give the Project Creator your contact information, so that you can interact privately with one another or arrange for the delivery of rewards. For rewards that are given out by the designated beneficiary (e.g. individual, charity, organisation, etc.), your contact information may also be provided to the designated beneficiary for the delivery of rewards.

  • If the project succeeds, will I be informed?

    No matter whether a project meets its minimum funding goal or not, we will send you an email after the Project’s funding campaign ends.

  • Can anyone who lives anywhere in the world make a backing for a project?

    We are open to Backers wherever you live. Naturally, if the place you live does not allow you to back, then it is your responsibility to make sure that you don't do anything that is not permitted under your law. From our standpoint, we have no restriction regarding where you, the Backer, lives.


  • How will a Project Creator obtain my information (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc.) so that he can deliver rewards to me?

    FRINGEBACKER allows Project Creators to obtain information from you in the most efficient and the least time consuming way. Once you have backed a project, you can simply provide the Project Creator with your information by answering a few questions that they have setup in regards to the delivery of your reward. For rewards that are given out by the designated beneficiary (e.g. individual, charity, organisation, etc.), your contact information may also be provided to the designated beneficiary for the delivery of rewards.

  • How do I know when it is that a reward will be delivered to me?

    A Project Creator sets an estimated delivery date for each reward. This estimated delivery date is his best and honest guess for delivery to his Backers, just so that you can have an expectation about when you might receive your reward. It is not a binding date. It's an estimated one. Project Creators are expected to communicate openly and honestly with their Backers. Sometimes, setbacks do happen and may have affected on the project progress, in which case the Project Creators have to delay the estimated delivery date for reasons beyond his control.

  • What should I do if I do not receive my reward by the estimated delivery date?

    The first thing you should do is to double-check the estimated delivery date on the project page. There might be different estimated delivery date for different rewards, so please double-check. If the estimated delivery date has passed and you have not received your reward, then please check for Project Updates where the Project Creator might have explained what has happened. If the Project Creator has not posted an update, then we recommend that you send a direct message to request more information about the progress, or you should post a public comment on the project page asking for a status update. You are perfectly right to ask, and you should.


  • Is FRINGEBACKER responsible for fulfilling the promises made by a Project Creator regarding his project?

    This is entirely the responsibility of the Project Creator. Fulfilling what a project promises, including the rewards is solely his responsibility. FRINGEBACKER reviews projects to see if they violate our guidelines but FRINGEBACKER does not investigate, or assess, or endorse the background or integrity of the Project Creator or whether the Project Creator has the ability to complete a project. FRINGEBACKER is not responsible, and does not have the resources to be responsible -- FRINGEBACKER is not set up to play this role.

  • How do I know if a Project Creator is actually who he claims he is?

    In many cases, you may already know the Project Creator, or you may have heard about the project from a trusted source. Whatever sources you have, go and ask questions to find out more for yourself. It's all part of the normal process of dealing with people you don't know.

    You can also look for the Project Creator's CV on the project page. Or you can learn more about the Project Creator if they are Facebook Connected.

    In other words, there are many ways you can try to find out more. This is no different from anyone who presents an idea to you in the offline world -- you ask questions and you see if you can get sufficient comfort.

  • What should I do if I have questions about a project?

    The first thing you should do is go ask the Project Creator himself directly. On each project page you will find a button for you to ask questions. This will send your question directly to the Project Creator. So please use it to ask questions. If you are already a Backer and you would like to make your question public, please feel free to do so too because other Backers may be interested in the same question. To do that, all you need to do is post a comment on the project. The Project Creator will then be notified by email when you do that.


Updated: 26 June 2015