FringeBacker proudly partners with the City University of Hong Kong's "Antarctica Expedition and Exhibition", a dramatic excursion to the Earth's last frontier led by Professor Scott Hessels, in a 24-strong team from the School of Creative Media. It is an unprecedented journey as they bring new approaches to understanding climate change and explore sustainable solutions in this remote and hostile landscape. This gigantic challenge will culminate in an art exhibition that will showcase environmental data and discoveries from the southern ocean. The gigantic initiative is campaigning to crowdfund HK$700,000 on FringeBacker, please support them here for this chilling adventure to the Earth's last frontier!


Hong Kong's first crowdfunding campaign for a London Fashion Week show! Dare to be Feminine and Romantic --- multi-award winning fashion designer Chailie Ho will be launching her international debut show on the London Fashion Week runway next year. With her FringeBacker campaign, she is engaging you all to be on her side when she displays her work to an international runway. And, as she put it, this is "quite a journey that's filled with the art and fashion of beauty and romanticism". Support her now on FringeBacker!


Dr Mixinstein by Fingerprint Studio, the first home-grown Hong Kong mobile game to successfully crowdfund, raised over HK$38,000 (127% overfunded) on FringeBacker. Their tremendous success will inspire a string of IT and game developers to seek funding directly from their audience. At a time when there is a high degree of financial risk inherent in developing and producing a game, where production costs are high, and young developers are making their first entry into this creative/IT industry, FringeBacker offers a multimedia and bilingual crowdfunding platform that empowers developers to access the funds that they need for their business development from the public, while offering supporters and fans become a part of the games they love.

FringerPrint Studio, chaired by Dixon Cheung, has set out to lead the mobile gaming community in Hong Kong, and to encourage the wider public to get involved with the industry. The studio is reaching high for bigger goals, and hopes to revolutionise the industry.

They have benefited from the visionary leadership of Dr. John Lo of Hong Kong Design Centre and InnoCentre, where Fingerprint has been selected to be an incubatee of their “Design Incubation Programme”, which provides financial grants, support and adequate facilities to nurture young talent, and offers opportunities for them to pursue their creative projects. FringeBacker held its Crowdfunding for Designers workshop for InnoCentre incubatees last year, organised by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks and Hong Kong Design Centre.

Dr Mixinstein will no doubt spark a crowdfunding trend for many other game and IT developers. All eyes are now eagerly awaiting the Good Doctor!


FringeBacker joined our friends at UNESCO to observe the United Nations' International Day of Peace last Saturday in Hong Kong.  Guests of honour included UNESCO's Professors Patrick Lau and Samuel Leong, as well as representatives from the United Nations Organisation, the consular corps and the government.


FringeBacker is delighted to have been invited by the Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association to present its Case Studies on making Arts sustainable through Crowdfunding. What is sure to be a special event, the HKAAA's "Making Arts Sustainable -- Crowdfunding for Arts" workshop will be held at the Hong Kong Arts Centre on Thursday 26 September. Joining us will be Culture Crowd's Conor Roche, as well as respondents UNESCO's Samuel Leong and producer Anna Cheng. Join us as we support HKAAA in advancing in a flourishing arts scene -- seats are limited, so make sure you register NOW!

Date: 26 September 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 2:30-5:30 pm
Venue: agnès b. Cinema(UB, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong)
Language: English
Fee: [email protected]$250; [email protected]$300


  • The concept of crowdfunding and the market for crowdfunding platforms and projects for arts and creative industries by Conor Roche, Co-founder of Culture Crowd
  • Crowdfunding for Arts in Hong Kong (with case studies) by Maryann Hwee, Executive Director of FringeBacker



What a show! Over 100,000 people during the past 2 weeks have taken in the FringeBacker-funded solo exhibition featuring Agnes Nong's upcycled designs. Hong Kong's first crowdfunded exhibition stretches the entire length of a huge city block in the heart of Hong Kong's business district, at Central Oasis Gallery in the historic Central Market building. 


Hong Kong Economic Times published a feature on how shrewd ventures are turning to FringeBacker's bilingual crowdfunding platform for their kick-start, as well as highlights of  of its fundraising successes -- Claire Lee's "Tofu+Violence", Jacqueline Lai's journey to become National Games silver medallist, upcycling designer Agnes Nong, and UK a capella champions All the King's Men's Asia Tour.


Thanks to the wonderful people at Star Cruises, FringeBacker secured a series of solo exhibitions on this magnificent cruise liner for FringeBacker-funded illustrator Syrus Kwan.Kwan's successful campaign on FringeBacker innovatively brings about public participation in art, against his artistic backdrop of distinctively iconic Hong Kong landmarks.


Congratulations to FringeBacker-funded Jacqueline Lai for winning the Silver Medal in the Equestrian Showjumping Individual Competition at the 12th All-China National Games!

For the first time, a crowdfunded international athlete stood on the medal stand at China's National Games. In a watershed event for the international future of crowdfunding, Hong Kong's Jacqueline Lai took home the Silver Medal in the individual Equestrian Showjumping competition yesterday, after winning over the public with her HK$482,100 (US$63,000) funding campaign success on FringeBacker earlier this year, surpassing her goal by 160%.

"Crowdfunding has now become a very important part of many international athletes' funding strategy, as well as starting to gain traction among many talented people in China," said FringeBacker Executive Director Maryann Hwee, noting that Lai's achievement yesterday was likely to be seen as a turning point for the use of crowdfunding to promote and nurture sports development.


The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation officially announced that FringeBacker-funded Equestrian Gold-Medallist Jacqueline Lai will represent Hong Kong as one of 4 equestrians at the 12th National Games in Shenyang, Liaoning from 2nd to 11th September 2013. This is the first time a publicly-crowdfunded athlete has been selected to compete in the elite Games. Congratulations to Jacqueline and her team!

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