FringeBacker -- crowdfunding platform for Chinese University Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program

Saturday, 24 November 2012

We couldn't have been more excited about our presentation earlier today to 140 innovative entrepreneurs at The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program about how to use FringeBacker's crowdfunding platform.  Thanks so much to CUEMP for having invited FringeBacker to offer crowdfunding services to 110 mentees from 36 entrepreneurial teams!  And nothing was warmer than the welcome we got from the Program's director Mingles Tsoi, as well as from the mentees and 30 mentors.  So many mentors and mentees came up to us after the presentation to tell us how they have great projects that they'd love to submit to FringeBacker for consideration, and how they've waited so long for this kind of crowdfunding platform to be available in Hong Kong for a bilingual audience in English and Chinese -- we're thrilled too, and we'll update you as their projects come online in due course.

FringeBacker's partnership with CUEMP offers the 36 entrepreneurial teams of 110 mentees the opportunity to showcase their business projects on FringeBacker for crowdfunding and to bring their plans to reality.

This year CUEMP has invited 30 of CUEMP's illustrious alumni and successful entrepreneurs to be mentors for this programme, aimed at providing entrepreneurial guidance to 36 selected teams (110 people) of mentees who have projects either at a conceptual stage, with a full business plan, or with an established business. Each team of mentees will be assigned to a suitable mentor for in-depth guidance and advice, so as to take their project into the next level.

FringeBacker is delighted to have been invited to offer crowdfunding services for the CUEMP, providing an online funding platform for mentees to reach out and directly get support for their businesses from their audience. This will be an innovative opportunity for the mentees to gauge real-time market acceptance of their business plans, to increase market awareness for themselves, and to raise funds to make their project happen.

FringeBacker will host an exclusive section on CUEMP and its mentees' fundraising projects, where mentees' projects will be consolidated and featured together.  We'll update you later as these projects come online for fundraising.