SPY B, an awesome movie written, directed and produced by David Wong, is Hong Kong's answer to the newest exciting genre to hit the world stage, iPhone filmmaking. One of the first successfully crowdfunded iPhone film in Hong Kong, Wong’s campaign has exceeded 341% of his funding target, reaching a high of HK$85,400. Crowdfunding has far exceeded Wong's expectations, in a way that will no doubt inspire many independent filmmakers.  Will this film make it into the winners at the iPhone Film Festival? Wong has already seen overwhelming response and support throughout his crowdfunding campaign, winning is just another icing on the cake.


SCMP'S culture reporter Kylie Knott authored an in-depth article on how FringeBacker turns ideas into reality, and analysed its successful crowdfunding campaigns: “With Hong Kong's FringeBacker, achieving big dreams just a click away. A Hong Kong-based crowdfunding website is helping creatives worldwide turn their ideas into reality


Award-winning weekly trade publication Hong Kong Trader's Melanie Ho talked to FringeBacker recently about crowdfunding, and how FringeBacker works at sourcing financial backers for businesses, creative individuals and inventors, as well as IT developers and sports people. This article is first in Hong Kong Trader's series that features entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, highlighting the fact that finding private financial backing for a business is increasingly becoming an online campaign.