Medal of Victory!

FringeBacker  Thursday, 5 September 2013

Congratulations to FringeBacker-funded Jacqueline Lai for winning the Silver Medal in the Equestrian Showjumping Individual Competition at the 12th All-China National Games!

For the first time, a crowdfunded international athlete stood on the medal stand at China's National Games. In a watershed event for the international future of crowdfunding, Hong Kong's Jacqueline Lai took home the Silver Medal in the individual Equestrian Showjumping competition yesterday, after winning over the public with her HK$482,100 (US$63,000) funding campaign success on FringeBacker earlier this year, surpassing her goal by 160%.

"Crowdfunding has now become a very important part of many international athletes' funding strategy, as well as starting to gain traction among many talented people in China," said FringeBacker Executive Director Maryann Hwee, noting that Lai's achievement yesterday was likely to be seen as a turning point for the use of crowdfunding to promote and nurture sports development.