The World of Tim Burton, Hong Kong

Michael Lau Meets Tim Burton: Renowned Hong Kong Artist Reinterprets the Filmmaker’s Familiar Designs
Dubbed the “Godfather of Urban Vinyl,” Michael Lau is the icon of style icons. He is invited to collaborate with The World of Tim Burton to create two new designs of limited edition figures for the Hong Kong exhibition, bound to spur a new wave of frenzy.
Creativity inspires artworks and, in return, gets inspiration from them. The FringeBacker campaign has been launched to promote local art development and gives Tim Burton fans an opportunity to support these collaborations.

The two new figures include a 12” action figure and a 6” vinyl figure. While the former is based on Tim Burton’s iconic Balloon Boy and reinterpreted with Michael Lau’s unique design elements, the latter is a remake of Maxx and his pet BB, Lau’s signature Gardener character duo, into classic Burton style. Production is limited to 500 each and our FringeBacker supporters have the privilege priority to order. 
A big fan of Burton’s work, Michael Lau takes inspiration from his artworks and creates unique figures as a tribute to the artist and filmmaker and to celebrate The World of Tim Burton in Hong Kong. The result illustrates a good marriage in terms of form and expression to represent the two artists’ work. The sketches and prototypes of the figures will also be on display in the exhibition shop to demonstrate Lau’s creative process.
About Michael Lau
Michael Lau, born 1970 here in Hong Kong, is an acclaimed contemporary street artist most known for his urban vinyl art.
He was the trendsetter of figure culture since the 90s and gained international recognition since he was named a pioneer in the article from Forbes magazine, “20 Trends Sweeping the Globe” (Jan. 2008). His primary mediums for his figurine art are mainly the 12” action figure and 6” vinyl figure which he conceives completely from the story of each character to the clothes and accessories, as well as packaging.
His world of art combines the ideals of music, fashion, pop culture, art, X-game as well as the lifestyle that emerged from the street and beyond. His collections feature a wide variety of characters from basketball players to skateboarders and graffiti artists. These characters carry each of their own lifestyle and attitude, and are reflected in their costumes that feature various top brands in respective fields, where Lau has later launched multiple crossover projects with throughout his creative journey. He is also the first Hong Kong artist appointed to design the national team uniform and footwear for the China national BMX team in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.