The World of Tim Burton, Hong Kong




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Launched: 15 Sep 2016

Funding ends: 23 Jan 2017

Be Part of It

Tim Burton has created endless possibilities in his movies, and through The World of Tim Burton, brought boundless excitement to fans across the world. Hong Kong is the latest stop of the tour, and this is a chance to bring more possibilities to the real world. Collaborating with FringeBacker, The World of Tim Burton proudly presents Be Part of It, our community engagement campaign, which allows us to go beyond the exhibition and give back to the community.


Creativity inspires artworks and, in return, gets inspiration from them. A series of creative collaborations with different designers, artists, design and art institutions, education institutes as well as reputed brands will be launched with a vision to promote local art development. The FringeBacker campaign gives Tim Burton fans an opportunity to support these collaborations.


All backers’ names will also be featured in a mosaic wall in the exhibition venue as a special thanks for their participation.  A grand opening party will be organized on 3 Nov 2016 as to celebrate the arrival of the exhibition. Tim Burton plans on attending the party in Hong Kong.


The World of Tim Burton not only demonstrates the artist’s talent and achievements in filmmaking, but through the display of his artworks also encourages young artists and designers to pursue their own unique styles and dreams. We sincerely invite you to immerse in The World of Tim Burton and Be Part of It.