FringeBacker captures attention of entrepreneurs at Hong Kong Trade Development Council “Entrepreneur Day”

FringeBacker  Monday, 3 June 2013

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has been doing a fantastic job supporting Hong Kong businesses, and the Entrepreneur Day, now in its fifth edition, was another huge success. Entrepreneur Day featured more than 120 exhibitors, seminars and forums, and brought together over 13,000 entrepreneurs and potential investors and offered a wealth of start-up opportunities and support services.

FringeBacker was thrilled to be a special part of this two-day event held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. We invited a number of our crowdfunding winners to make live appearances with us to create a unique "Meet the Winners" event. Upcycling designer Agnes Nong talked to designers about how she crowdfunded her design project; iPhone film director David Wong talked to the media on how crowdfunding funded his innovative film; and Denis Huen, spoke about his patented technological invention the Dual-Signal Wallet with other young inventors.

On top of that, public art illustrator Syrus Kwan shared the stage with FringeBacker and prominent entrepreneurs in talking to a packed hall about how crowdfunding made his public art project come to life.

FringeBacker’s Maryann Hwee talked about how crowdfunding can help entrepreneurs raise funds for their businesses at the Entrepreneurship Seminar.

Over 300 audiences were at the seminar with FringeBacker’s Maryann Hwee and illustrator Syrus Kwan sharing his success tips on crowdfunding.

Hong Kong iPhone filmmaker David Wong was interviewed by the Trade Development Council for a video to share his experience on how crowdfunding helps independent filmmakers to fund their films.