Making a Good Video

FRINGEBACKER  Monday, 10 September 2012

One of the most important elements of your project on FringeBacker is making a good video. It is the first impression that you are giving your potential backers so it is important to tell your story. A compelling story shows off your passion and your project, and is able to inspire or to be relevant where the crowd can relate to.

How you choose to express your story through your video is entirely up to you. Some may use a simple PowerPoint to explain, some would film it themselves or ask a friend to help, some would even add animations, or others would use tools and a mime act to express it.

The quality of video can vary according to your capability-- the quality, the camera and the lighting are all just part of your video tools. Even an iPhone video works for some people. But of course, if your video is compelling, creative or cool, it will be even better!

Remember these few pointers:

-          Tell your project story, keep it real and compelling

-          Tell people why you need their support

-          What unique rewards people will be getting if they support you

-          Show your appreciation, and sound positive

Lastly, believe in your story. Believe in yourself.