All the King's Men: Hong Kong September 2012

Monday, 17 September 2012

All the King’s Men's whirlwind tour of Hong Kong has not only left a lasting impression with Hong Kongers, but has also secured massive coverage in the press, some of which include: on television on TVB Evening News, in print newspapers including Sing Pao Daily, Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, and on radio on RTHK Radio 2. Their fund raising project on FringeBacker has received huge response, and already has achieved more than half of their funding goal within two weeks after their tour.

TVB Television Evening News September 3, 2012


Sing Pao Daily September 4, 2012

Britain's All-Male A Capella Group Performs in Public in Hong Kong, with Fundraising Aspirations


Hong Kong Commercial Daily September 4, 2012                        


RTHK Radio 2. September 4, 2012

FringeBacker Brings Creativity to Life; Britain's A Capella Group All the King's Men Completes Asia Tour Aspirations


Ta Kung Pao September 4, 2012

Britain’s A Cappella group shows up in Hong Kong's busy streets