Heifer Race to Feed 2016


on 28 October 2016


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Heifer Race to Feed 2016

Thanks for enrolling in Race to Feed. Now, you can also raise extra donations to support our poverty alleviation work in Mainland China. Set up your fundraising page and share it with friends and family on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) Together, you and your loved ones can help more needy families get out of poverty! 

Heifer Race to Feed 2016

Special Fundraising Award, Act NOW !

Update on 8 Sep 2016

To motivate the participant to raise more, top Fundraisers and fundraising teams will have a chance to win the following prizes:


  • Buffet dinner gift vouchers by 5 Star Hotel
  • Hot item: Surfwheel
  • Modern European Cuisine Coupons by Penthouse


  • To compete for Fundraising Award, please submit the donation on or before 13/10/2016
  • Deadline of submitting full amount of donation: 31/10/2016