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Grace was diagnosed with Colon Cancer phase 2 in March 2017. She did a surgery in the same month, and since then she had colon stoma and chemotherapy for 8 months. 

She did another surgery in December 2017. And doctor said she had beaten cancer. 

She was so determined and strong to fight cancer, and we could never have been more proud of her. Even when she was sick, she was always happy and cheerful and kept bringing joy to the family. She is such a wonderful woman. 

Unfortunately, few months later, right after we celebrated her first survival anniversary, in April 2018, in a regular check up, doctor found a rumour of 2cm in her left ovary, which made her cancer index rise 8 times higher. 

She does not have any insurance plan now, and we already used up all our savings. We need money for her treatments this time. 

No matter you are our friends or complete strangers, please help us.

I want mum to come home so badly. I miss her so much.

Emily Chan
Project by
Emily Chan

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