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27/5/2018: Breakthrough - We went for a walk today!

Update on 27 May 2018

Since being discharged, Grace has been resting at home. Starting yesterday, she has been able to go for a few short walks, and she feels better afterwards.

Grace is a really strong lady who is trying her best during this long and trying battle . It is very impressive for her to be discharged just 6 days after such a major surgery and be able to go for walks just four days after that.

The doctors said the recovery period after a surgery like this would be around 6 weeks, so let's keep wishing her all the best! We all believe she can do it! If everything goes well, she will be starting further medical treatment in mid-June too. 

Thank you to all the backers who have shown your support! 

Photo taken on 27/5/2018, while we were out for a walk. 


Latest updates about Grace 25/5/2018

Update on 25 May 2018

She was discharged earlier this week and is currently staying at home for her recovery.

On 29th Tuesday, we will have a consultation appointment with her doctors for the lab reports of the removed tumour, and we hope that the cancer cells had not spread yet.

If things go well, she will start further medical treatments in mid-June.

Grace and me, on the day when she was discharged. She looked much better.


I would also like to share some links of cancer-supporting groups in HK that our friends sent us, just in case other people might need them in the future, because we do really want to help other cancer patients like Grace. We have already contacted some of them, and sent our registration forms too. Hopefully we will get replies from them soon.


蘋果日報慈善基金 (Apple Daily Charitable Foundation)…
香港癌症基金會 (Cancer Fund)
香港防癌會 (The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society)
Thank you everyone again, and please keep sharing the post. Thank you so much.

Emily Chan
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Emily Chan

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