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Special Thanks to DC Foundation

Update on 14 Apr 2021

Dear all,

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the DC Foundation and the Academy of Film for awarding me the DC Foundation Scholarship this academic year.

Thanks to their support, young filmmakers can pursue their dreams with less burden and concerns. On behalf of my fellow film students, we hope we can continue to rely on their support in the future.

Jeremy NG

MFA Class of 2021

Academy of Film

Hong Kong Baptist University

The Director's Journal

Update on 24 Mar 2021

Before we began the principal photography, I asked my producer, Harley, to get me a notebook for the exclusive purpose of recording all the unfortunate situations we encounter along the process, and, boy were we unfortunate: canceling an entire shooting venue; crew members/actors bailing out right before the shooting; The Highways Department showed up unannounced with their Earth-shakening machineries; extreme difficulty in production scheduling; government bureaucracy sent its regards; technical failures in key moments; gigantic battery decided to grow a pair wings and fly away; random thugs threatened to call the police; the pandemic looming behind the scenes...

In many ways, I find the events recorded in this notebook wayyyy more dramatic than my own script and I believe Harley would concur. What she didn't know, however, is that on the back of the notebook is an equally long section exclusively dedicated to the polar opposite of what was recorded on the front: all the miscellaneous details of grace I received along the way.

The past two weeks were, by all means, perilous and tormenting. As the director, I was constantly trapped between my self doubts and external restrictions. The consequence of each mistake could compound exponentially if not taken seriously. More often I found myself facing questions that require immediate answers which I simply do not have. The combined physical and mental stress was nothing like I ever faced before.

They say the director is a lonesome creature for he or she alone holds the complete (motion) picture but this could not be further away from the truth in my case. In fact, I find that the most interesting elements of the film are often the creative works of someone else, be it the actors, cinematographer, sound recordist, assistant director, art director or even the producer (by using my money creatively). My crew tackled each problem professionally and efficiently. I owe the success of this production to them alone.

Aside from my amazing crew and cast, I had received tremendous help from many unexpected means, whether in the form of financial support or providing essential services. I cannot recall how many times we managed to escape calamity with those timely interventions (that's why I need the notebook for that). If you too, want to be a part of this project, I sincerely welcome you to visit my crowdfunding website where I will constantly update the progress. I am used to not having things the way I wanted them by now, but I'm thankful for all those little moments, those little surpises, that spice things up once in a while.

The Journey Begins!

Update on 4 Mar 2021

Dear all,

The production cycle has officially began! We are on time and on schedule. Keep us in your prayers and we will keep the spending below our budget (hopefully). Here are some working production shots from the first two days.

Eric, the Director of Photography, doing his best to focus (pun intended).

Jeremy, the Director, yelling at his minions to establish dominance.

Uncle Nin portraying the character, Uncle Chan, while having fun with a lightbulb.

The subdivided flat is designed and built enitrely by our brilliant Art Director, Mei Yan, in a completely unrelated location.



The Production Team