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Becoming a parent these days can be more challenging than it used to be.  People spend the majority of their youth building the foundation, get married late and decide to start a family well into their 30s or even late 30s.  More and more couples face struggles with infertility and pregnancy losses these days.  For those who are in the struggle, the pain can be unimaginable and worse, the society we live in does not encourage any talks about it. There is also no related professional counselling service available in our city for those who would like to seek help.  

Our goals:

(i) Organising professional counselling training in Hong Kong: the training will be provided by The Foundation for Infant Loss in the UK.   They can train counselling professionals as well as a trainer who can then train more counsellors who will be able to service the city.  (Ref: https://www.foundationforinfantloss.co.uk/accredited-professionals/).  We will invite medical professionals such as midwives, OB/GYN, nurses to receive such training as an additional skill/service provide scholarships to our members who have faced fertility issues and pregnancy losses to receive such training.  We aim at having both English speaking as well as Chinese speaking among the participants.

(ii) Promote "Hope Hong Kong" and turn it into a charity to serve a wider audience: Hope Hong Kong is a support group founded more than 5 years ago and run by a group of mothers who had faced infertility and pregnancy losses.  We offer a platform and organise gatherings regularly to allow members to seek emotional support from us and each other, as well as getting practical information from other members on related issues.  We are all volunteers and all the services provided are free of charge.  Due to limited resources, funding and manpower, we can only get the message out through words of mouth and currently only helping several hundred women in the city, which is only a tip of an iceberg.  

(iii) Promote compassion in general public and provide practical information on fertility and pregnancy losses related matters: Infertility and miscarriages are such taboo that those who are suffering from it find it harder to talk about, those who are lucky enough not to have such challenges, are ignorant about those who do.  We would like to raise the compassion level in the city as more and more women/couple encounter such problems as people are starting their families later in life.  Due to the silence, many who face the challenges do not know where to seek help.  We would like to fill in the blank and create/run a website that can provide organised information on those matters, in a compassionate way.

Breakdown of the crowdfunding proceeds: 

50%: (i) Facilitating the training, offering subsidies and scholarships to those who are passionate but have cost concern, in return offer do pro bono cases to those in need.

30-40% (ii) Promoting Hope Hong Kong (such as distributing flyers to fertility clinics, marketing activities in the various platforms to inform the public about the free support they can get from us) and turn it into a charity.  

20%: Printing and postage cost of the reward (Children book) + creating and maintaining website www.extraordinaryfairies.com



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