COVID-19 spiral out of control in Nepal

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Update on 7 Aug 2022

News from DC Nepal - The Angel of Nepal

Update on 17 Jul 2021

Kathmandu, July 8. Through no fault of our own, our beautiful Nepal is being ravaged by a 2nd wave of Covid-19. Some say it is only a matter of time before the 3rd wave is here. Nepalis all around the world despair to see what has happened to the motherland. Some of our oversea brethren sent more than their prayer with small donations. Retired Ex-Gurkha Corporal and movie star Raj Kumar Rai did something more.

In May 2021, the Corporal reached out to his old comrade Mr. Sean Hotung and discussed how Nepal could be helped. What happened in the next 45 days is astonishing. 450 40L Oxygen cylinders were delivered to Kathmandu by 20th June and distributed to Bagmati, Karnali, Kailali and Sudurpaschim regions.

More amazing, was what Mr. Hotung and his wife, Mary Jean, accomplished next. In the same 45 days, Mary Jean, a famous celebrity in Macao and Hong Kong, called on all her fans to help. On 9th July, a Cathay Pacific air cargo, paid for by Sean Hotung, carried an aid package valued at 4. 55 million HK dollars of medical supplies donated by Mary Jean’s fans. Sean Hotung, as Patron of the Hong Kong Ex-Serviceman Association, asked the Hong Kong veterans to help package more then 350 cartons of supplies. And then, Mary Jean and her husband added 50 lifesaving 10LPM Oxygen Concentrators and 8,000 Antigen Testers Kits to this cargo.

Like an Angel, Mary Jean and her husband came to Nepal’s aid in her greatest hour of need.

Having done more than their share, we have now heard Mr. and Mrs. Hotung are preparing another cargo for Nepal!


News from The Standard

Update on 17 Jul 2021


Video: Thank you for Hongkongers' Support

Update on 17 Jul 2021



Helping COVID Patients Breathe in Nepal

Update on 15 Jul 2021

Press Release: Urgent Support Needed for COVID-19 Stricken Nepal

Update on 15 Jul 2021

Letter From Nepal Consulate & Video Update from HKESA

Update on 3 Jul 2021

Letter From Nepal Consulate with the list of 1st Cargo shipment scheduled for departure on 9th July



Safe arrival of 125 40L Oxygen Cylinders to Karnali Province

Update on 1 Jul 2021

This 5th update shows the safe arrival of 125 40L Oxygen Cylinders to an Oxygen filling station in the remote and under-developed Karnali Province (also known as Province #6).

Karnali Province has the highest mortality rate from Covid and these cylinders have been distributed to local hospitals on 30th June, 2021.

Arrival of Oxygen Cylinders to Kathmandu

Update on 29 Jun 2021

Thank you to the public for donating supplies to Nepal

Update on 15 Jun 2021

The HKESA members are packing away generous supplies donated by Hong Kong public to Nepal. We have received 220,000 pieces of mask and many more other medical related supplies which will be announced later once the Consulate General of Nepal has tallied them. Once again, we would like to thank everyone for your generous donations. 

TVB Chinese News Interview

Update on 7 Jun 2021

Latest Shipment of Oxygen Cylinders to Kathmandu

Update on 1 Jun 2021

Please be advised  that The Government of Nepal has authorised Non-Resident Nepali Association ("NRNA")  to handle the medical aid supplied by the foreign companies/organisations.  Please visit the website: for more information of NRNA.
We are pleased to announce  the 1st shipment of 450 40 L Oxygen Cylinders, sponsored by Mr Yem Gurung and Mr Sean Hotung will travel via  Tatopani Customs (Kodari) to Kathmandu next week.  The land cargo estimated time will be 5-6 days from the factory to the Nepal border.  The specification of Oxygen Cylinders and valve conversion method to match requirements in Nepal are part of the shipment.

The handover of the above mentioned consignment will be made to the  NRNA for receiving and arranging the swift and efficient distribution of these cylinders and kept under the Asset Management System of NRNA.

Mr Hotung and Mr Y Gurung, with the help of the HK Nepali Consulate,   are executing this trial run. If all proceeds accordingly, HKESA, together with their partners will follow the trail opened by the first shipment.

It is noted it has been made abundantly clear that there is to be no mishandling,  no misuse and no corruption associated with this project.  In reply, President Kumar Panta Ji of the NRNA,  has given his personal  assurance of the proper handling and distribution in conjunction with extending his deep thanks to Mr Hotung, the HKESA, Mr Y. Gurung, the Nepali Consulate of Hong Kong, and the people of Hong Kong.


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