COVID-19 spiral out of control in Nepal

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The  Nepalese Gurhkas first arrived in Hong Kong during the 1960's. The Gurhkas safe-guarded Hong Kong's borders until the turnover in 1997. Many Gurhkas and their descendants remained in Hong Kong and made it their home. They are renowned for their steadfast loyalty and fearlessness.

Today, Nepal is facing an unrelenting and savage devastation due to the COVID-19 crisis. Infections are soaring and Nepal is suffering a severe oxygen shortage. This land-locked nation is being overwhelmed and its healthcare system is unable to handle the surge in COVID cases. Daily new cases have risen many folds since April and nearly a thousand people have died in the past 10 days according to official figures. Hospitals are inundated and the situation has been described as 'near-apocalyptic'. Oxygen cylinders are being emptied faster than they can be refilled. All oxygen plants in Kathmandu are operating 24 hours and supplying oxygen at full capacity but to little avail.

What the funds will be used for
To purchase oxygen concentrators, sourcing COVID-19 vaccine, and medical necessities for Nepal. (refer to chart below)

Who will handle the funds
Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen Association in partnership with the Consulate General of Nepal, HK SAR / Macao SAR

We are sincerely seeking the help of the public to help Nepal and it's people to overcome this crisis. Nepal typically relies on India for most of its medical supplies, but its neighbour is too busy  fighting its own crisis. Nepalis abroad have been rallying to get urgent help for the country. “The  average death rate in the past week reflects 5 people are dying every hour due to COVID( source: JHU CSSE [email protected] Data).  This fundraising will help Nepalese in dire need. 




Project by
Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen Association (HKESA)

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