Po Leung Kuk Charity Run




money raised


on 31 January 2018



The champion, 1st to 4th runners-up of each group will be awarded a trophy and/or fabulous prizes. Awards will be presented in the ceremony on the event day:

  1.  The champion, 1st and 2nd runners-up of all races, except youth races, will receive free spending credit of Shanghai Commercial Bank Po Leung Kuk credit card (Champion HK$3,800; 1st runner-up HK$2,500; 2nd runner-up HK$1,500)

  1. Overall Champion (Men/Women) – runners with the best result in 10km individual/group races can receive a Balmain watch sponsored by Prince Jewellery & Watches Co. (each value $2,800)

  1. Disciplinary Force Cup –  the Disciplinary Force team with the best result in 10km group race


  1. Po Leung Cup – the team formed by PLK affiliated units or companies owned by Board of Directors with the best result in 10km group race

  Fundraising & Participation Awards ( Donation amount will be counted according to the results as of 31st December 2017)

  1. Caring Runners (Top Individual Fundraisers) :  Champion / 1st /2nd Runners-up 
  2. Caring running teams (Top Team Fundraisers):Champion / 1st /2nd Runners-up  
  3. The Biggest Team Award:Champion / 1st /2nd Runners-up


Other fabulous prizes include: 

  • Skincare sets sponsored by Sa Sa International Holdings Limited
  • Electric appliances sponsored by Mr. Patrick KWOK, Director of Po Leung Kuk
  • Medical check-up packages sponsored by Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited
  • Gift vouchers sponsored by Hong Kong Optical
  • Watches sponsored by Thong Sia Watch Co., Ltd.
  • Acti-tape Premium sets sponsored by NutriWorks Limited
  • Gift vouchers sponsored by RedMR
  • Admission tickets sponsored by Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Luggage bags

Official race result will be uploaded onto this website on or before 12th January 2018. All runners who have completed the race can download the e-certificate through this website.