Eco-Rangers 2015


on 13 December 2015
Eco-Rangers 2015
Eco-Rangers 2015


About the Six Environmental Monsters


Gaudy Goldy 土豪金.png

Place of Birth: Mountain in the New Territories
Haunt: Rural area
Profile: A self-centered rogue, who is  driven by monetary interest for everything. It often drives to the rural area, wetland and conservation area to dump construction wastes, damaging the soil and the local ecology. It also likes to build three storey luxurious houses in rural area at the expense of greenery area in the New Territory


Rogue Tusker大白象.png

Place of Birth: Unknown
Haunt: Developed cities
Profile: The giant monster is so crafty that it can transform itself into various forms of “white elephant” – for example the third airport runway, high-speed rail and so on.  It is good at persuading people to accept its presence, even though it is doing harm to the spots of high ecological value. It is hazardous to wildlife such as Chinese white dolphins. It takes a lot away from the community but it never gives back. 


Incense Snatcher沉香賊.png

Place of Birth: Greedy planet
Haunt: Mature forest
Profile: It misappropriates the wild agarwood for making profits. Agarwood is a plant that would bleed a resin to protect itself from infection. This resin can be made into a valuable type of Chinese herbal medicine. 


Flame Thrower火燭鬼.png

Place of Birth: Inferno
Haunt: Greenery areas/forest
Evilness :
Profile: The culprit of fire that ruins greenery area and tree plantation. It is especially active on low-humidity days and the Ching Ming Festival and Chung Yeung Festival when people go tomb-sweeping.


Tree Topper樹偽師.png

Place of Birth unknown
Haunt: Urban area
Profile: An arrogant artist who enjoys topping trees in its own “professional” ways and even cutting off trees regardless of the life and ecological value of trees.  


Plastic Trasher膠魔人.png

Place of Birth: Civilized society
Haunt: Shops/retail outlets
Profile: A die-hard user of plastic utensils, food containers and bottled water, who consider plastic bag convenient. It never reuses or recycles the plastic items. It leaves the plastic waste in the sea that becomes hazards to ocean creatures and emits toxic and pollutants.