Eco-Rangers 2015


on 13 December 2015
Eco-Rangers 2015
Eco-Rangers 2015


How to Play


Mission 1 : Garner Positive Energy
Go through as many Check Points as possible within the 2-hour time limit to collect “Positive Energy” using the given orienteering map and compass.  The more Check Points to go through, the more Energy Points collected! 

Mission 2 : Catch Environmental Monsters
Catch the 6 Environmental Monsters roaming on the loose at the venue.  Increase the Energy Points with the use of the Eco-Rangers app at each encounter! 

Mission 3 : Solve Ecological Quizzes
Answer the Monster-related quizzes in given time on the Eco-Rangers app to gain even more Energy Points!  

The team who earn the most Energy Points within the given time limit wins. Should more than one team score the same amount of Energy Points, the team with the lesser time wins. Teams that finish outside the given time limit will have their Energy Points deducted accordingly.

*Participants are required to bring along a smart phone that has the Eco-Rangers app installed in order to and fulfil/complete the challenge/missions. Details will be announced later.