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on 13 December 2017

Roland Leung X Unity Army

Update on 15 Sep 2017

‘Equal rights does not mean less rights for you. It’s not a pie.’ AIDS Concern is working hard to reach this level through this online crowd-funding platform. Your participation and support mean everything to us and contribute a lot to equality.

I am Roland, an artist. I just want to be myself and to do things that I like. I hope people acknowledge me by my effort instead of my sex, gender or sexuality. Please support #AIDSConcern #UnityArmy together with me.

Legislative Council Member Tanya Chan supports AIDS Concern

Update on 15 Sep 2017

AIDS Concern create a ‘Unity Army’ to promote the unity of different communities, sexual orientation, color and race, anti-"label and discrimination, all Unity Army’s figures are now going on a charity sale. to build up a society of diversity and inclusion. Ms. Tanya Chan, Legislative Council Member support AIDS Concern's Unity Army charity sale.

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#我撐小眾 #UnityArmy Tanya CHAN 陳淑莊

​「關懷愛滋」平等大使 #趙式芝Gigi 和 #楊如芯Sean 致力於爭取同志平權

Update on 15 Sep 2017

「關懷愛滋」平等大使 #趙式芝Gigi 和 #楊如芯Sean 致力於爭取同志平權,日前更抱著喻意多元共融的「阿葛聯合戰隊」齊齊撐小眾,佢地咁撐,你,又點可以唔撐?





Update on 15 Sep 2017



#我撐小眾 陳志全議員(慢必)專頁 #UnityArmy #阿葛聯合戰隊 葛民輝 Eric Kot