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on 13 December 2017

Last year 1st December, World AIDS Day, Unity Army went to the university and urban areas including Polytechnic University campus, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier and in the streets of the Central for the charity flash mob, more than 30 volunteers wore the World AIDS Day T-shirts and promoted the work of AIDS Concern and "World AIDS Day", and reminded the public to prevent of getting HIV.

It is meaningful that every Unity Army has been completed the mission of HIV education and prevention.

Hong Kong society seems to be open, but "sex" is still a taboo.

Many people avoid mentioning sex, but this attitude will only lead to misunderstanding, AIDS Concern hope that Hong Kong can become a society of diversity and Inclusion; different racial or sexual orientation people can live under no discrimination and labeling.

You may ask: what is the problem of a society goes against diversity?

There are two HIV cases every day in Hong Kong. Last year, more than 40% of respondents said that they "afraid of social labeling and discrimination" that lead them do not access HIV testing. These unnecessary labels and discrimination will not only delay high-risk community accessing to medical treatment but also increase their risk of being infected with others without knowing the risk.

AIDS Concern brings together the parties to eliminate the discrimination and labeling of the minorities and people living with HIV (PLHIV). However, it takes 6,000 HKD per year for us to providing positivity and anti-stigma workshops to 600 people, and 40 car services for PLHIV.

In particular, Japanese artist Shinichi Tashiro has taken red men sculptures designed for AIDS Concern by iconic artist Eric Kot to create a ‘Unity Army’ of about hundred unique characters. To promote the unity of different communities, sexual orientation, color and race, anti-"label and discrimination, all Unity Army’s figures are now going on a charity subscription, we invite you to buy and join as a team member of the army to build up a society of diversity and inclusion.

Thank you for your purchase and support for AIDS prevention.

Each product is accompanied with a certificate.

Japanese artist Ichi spent over 7000 hours to create 100 figures like creating a collage by using different elements to form the eyes, mouths and even tattoos of the figures to create a number of unique, different colors of the Unity Army.


Your generous donations will go to:

AIDS Concern was established in 1990 as the first non-government charity organisation committed to the service of AIDS care in Hong Kong. Our vision is to create “TRIPLE ZERO” Hong Kong, this means ZERO new infections, ZERO stigma and ZERO AIDS deaths.



Our vision is to see Hong Kong with ZERO new HIV infections, ZERO stigma for people living with HIV and ZERO AIDS deaths. TRIPLE ZERO.



AIDS Concern will lead social change by individuals, organisations and society to achieve TRIPLE ZERO, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate stigma for people living with HIV.


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