Convoy Financial presents:

Po Leung Kuk Charity Run


on 13 December 2015


Total Fundraised
Po Leung Kuk Charity Run
Po Leung Kuk Charity Run


Use of Proceeds


Funds raised will be used to support the Po Leung Kuk Special Children Development Fund and Medical Assistance Fund-raising Programme.


Special Children Development Fund

Special Children Development Fund aims to provide a comprehensive range of para-medical services (i.e. clinical / educational psychology, speech/occupational therapy related trainings) for special children who are physically handicapped, mentally handicapped and those with infantile autism, coming from low-income families, to maximize their potential which allows them to catch up with the normal development milestones. It is crucial for these young children to grab the golden opportunities for early care and treatment.


Medical Assistance Fund-raising Programme

Medical Assistance Fund-raising Programme assists the elderly and underprivileged in receiving free general out-patient service, medical treatment and relevant assessment, as well as purchasing medicine and equipment.

Case Sharing 

Uncle Lau (Aged 78)

Uncle Lau lives with his only son who is the sole bread winner of the family with low income. He was diagnosed with aged related macular degeneration years ago, which caused him severe vision loss and badly impaired his daily functioning. With the aid of Po Leung Kuk Medical Assistance Fund, he had undergone eye injections and photodynamic therapy. He is now regaining his vision and self-care ability like being able to cook for himself and have a walk outdoor. He is so thankful that his eye illness could be cured, so the burden of his son was much relieved.