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raised of US$12,820 flexible goal

40 days

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Launched: 1 Sep 2018

Funding ends: 30 Nov 2018

About the project:

In September 2018, TGR will lose its center in Whampoa  However, even without a center, we still need to carry out a lot of projects.  If we can raise enough funds for manpower and project fees, we can continue to advance this cause and focus on pushing the legislation of Gender Recognition Ordinance and Anti-discrimination law. For this intention, we hope to raise a minimum of HK$100,000 with an ultimate goal of HK$300,000.

How will the funds be used?

The 1st HK$60,000 - One year rental for a small office and counseling use

  • HK$240,000 - One year salary for a full-time staff

  • If the amount of the funds raised exceed the target, we will use the extra funding to rent a better office for training, support group and activities

Our achievements

During the past two years, TGR has been actively advocating for a number of things, such as pushing for the establishment of Gender Recognition Ordinance (GRO) and SOGIE Anti-Discrimination Ordinance (SODIEDO). We have also tried operating a center in the neighborhood, though we cannot solicit enough financial support to keep the center. Despite the setbacks, we will continue our fight for equal rights of transgender people.

Future planning

To help alleviate the mental health of transgender individuals, we plan to:

1. Conduct a survey on the recognition of transgender people’s rights;

2. Advocate for the establishment of GRO through different approaches includes litigation and other legal interventions;

3. Push for the government to legislate SODIEDO.

The Situation of Transgender People in Hong Kong

“Mental Health of Transgender People in Hong Kong”, a study conducted by Transgender Resource Center (TGR) and Gender Research Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016, found that 63% of the trans respondents have contemplated suicide and more than 14% of them have attempted suicide. In another study “Violence against Transgender People” by TGR, the Sociology Department of Baptist University of Hong Kong and Asia Research Center, 45.6% of the 135 respondents suffered from various forms of violence. More than 60% of the victims had suffered from physical violence.

Being true to oneself is taken for granted by most people, but not to transgender people. Many of them suffer from poor mental health and violence just because they wanted to be true to their gender identity. Lack of gender recognition, public misunderstanding, social pressure and low self-esteem of transgender people are the causes of the saddening situation.  

We need your support to ensure a better life for transgender people and to create a more humane society!



Project by
Transgender resource Center