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A Special Christmas Gift for our SEN Youth in HK – TREATS Inclusive Work-based Learning Project : An opportunity to learn and work DONATE to SUPPORT more SEN youth to learn, work and develop their potential in workplace!

Many SEN youth in HK are waiting eagerly for a chance to learn, work and be included in the mainstream workplace. However, it is found that misunderstandings and stereotyping towards people with disabilities are the biggest social barriers in workplace. This Christmas, you can make a change by donating to TREATS Inclusive Work-based Learning Project for SEN youth in Hong Kong, to change people’s perspective and provide a valuable learning, training and working experience for the SEN youth in Hong Kong!

TREATS “Inclusive Work-based Learning Project for SEN Youth in HK” aims at providing real-life working experiences, mentor-mentee matching and relationship building, to empower SEN youth in Hong Kong to build confidence, work skills and competences by unleashing their potential. The project comprised of inclusive pre-job training and team-building sessions to break down barriers, establish mutual trust and cultivate an inclusive culture in workplaces.


A Self-discovery Journey

Wong Pui Kei (Kei Kei), who is a SEN youth with mild intellectual disability, always feels uncertain about her future after graduated from the special school. Her wish is to find a job that will support her to alleviate the burden of her grandparents. Kei Kei joined TREATS "Inclusive Work-based Learning Project for SEN Youth" few years ago and that was her first work experience. She worked as an intern at the Hotel restaurant and learned about food and beverages. The experience was life changing for her. “I was really glad to receive many positive comments from my mentor and colleagues. I could work and get along well with the team. I enjoyed so much in making coffee for customers and could not believe that I could actually make it”

Before the internship, Kei Kei has gone through a series of pre-job training workshops and team-building programmes organized by TREATS. The workshops not only have provided various work skills training, but also emphasized in enhancing social and communications skills by interactive team-building programmes to develop mutual understandings and trustful relationship between the mentor and mentee.


Grandpa’s wish

Grandpa is always Kei Kei’s closest family member as he was the main carer to raise her up. “My hope for Kei Kei is she will be able to do the things she likes and willing to pursue her dream.” Grandpa used to think that youth with disabilities can only work in Sheltered Workshops. He is very delighted to see the changes of Kei Kei during the TREATS "Inclusive Work-based Learning Project for SEN Youth" and her passion towards coffee making.


Mentor’s Changes

Danny is the manager of the hotel restaurant and he has extensive experience in hospitality industry but his first time to work closely with SEN youth. In the beginning of the Project, he was a bit worried if he could communicate well with people with special needs. However, the pre training conducted by TREATS and the mentor-mentee experience with Kei Kei have changed his perspective completely. “It is true that it may take a bit more time to explain the work procedures in the beginning, but they picked up quickly and always have positive and genuine attitude towards work and colleagues. With chances given, I am sure that they will be one of the outstanding employees here!” As a mentor, Danny hopes that more corporates will support this project by offering learning opportunities for SEN youth in Hong Kong.

The acceptance, guidance and encouragement given by Danny made a difference to Kei Kei. It has become a big motivation for her to purse her dream by enrolling for courses and attending further training as a coffee barista after the Project.


Difficulties faced by People with Disabilities

According to the “Report No.62” published by Census and Statistics Department in 2013, only 17.2% of people aged above 15 with disabilities were employed. Another research, which was about workplace discrimination, was conducted in 2016, showed that 40% of interviewees believed that people who are mentally challenged are not able to control their emotions and behaviors while more than 30% of interviewees worried that the people with special needs would have adverse effect to the work team. Misunderstandings and exclusions are still commonly found in workplaces and it would lead to social isolation and withdrawal of the SEN youth, according to the research.   

Project Impact

Beneficiaries of the Project: 25 SEN youth

Other Features: TREATS will provide pre-job training, mentor-mentee training and matching, case support and follow up during and after the internship

Fundraising Target: HK$80,000

Target Project Launch Date: February 2020 – August 2020


Established in 1979, TREATS is a registered charity with a vision of creating an inclusive society for ALL children. Through education, life experience and social exposure, children and youth with all abilities and backgrounds are given an equal opportunity to participate in society, to learn about diversity, to unlock possibilities and actualize potential through TREATS social inclusion programmes.

TREATS is the member agency of the Community Chest of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and enlisted at WiseGiving.

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