The Likang Enrichment Scheme by Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong

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Launched: 11 Jul 2017

Funding ends: 9 Sep 2017

Everybody can't help striving for a stable accommodation in Hong Kong. Perhaps for a better living place, you and your loved ones just work so hard every single day. Have you ever imagined -- under the same sky there is a bunch of people out there, facing huge living pressure yet being ignored by the public, who need your helping hand to building a more ideal accommodation?

To improve the living environment of Likang Court, our self-financed supported hostel, The Likang Enrichment Scheme now appeal to the public for donation, which will benefit the living of People in Recovery, and hence their mental health. Our fundraising target is HK$100,000.


Project Introduction
Established in November 2005 by Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong, Likang Court is a self-finance supported hostel in Tuen Mun which provides people in mental recovery with services of rehabilitation and accommodation. With relevant training and support, we back up the service users of Likang Court in their way to independent living and social inclusion in the community.


Why donate to us?
- Supported housing is in great demand in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, Likang Court is yet to be subvented by the government.
- Rooted in Hong Kong for 33 years, Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong is a non-profit organisation specialized in mental health services.


The service users are in harmony with our staff.

The service users was painting the walls together.

The Exterior of Likang Court


Many a little makes a mickle! We now cordially appeal to all walks of life for donation to making Likang Court a better place including the following areas:

Areas for Improvement

Examples (including but not limited to….)

Depreciated Facilities to be repaired

Part of the electric and water supply facilities/ water-proofing and repair works/ etc

Basic furniture and electrical appliances to be acquired/ renewed

Air conditioner(s)/ water heater(s)/ gas stove(s)/ television(s)/ electric fan(s)/ computers and internet facilities/ etc

If you donate....

Amount (HK$)

Which is approximately the value of *......


A Heartwarming Rice Cooker which makes meal preparation more hassle-free.


A Refreshing Fan which drives the sultriness away from the hostel.


An Efficient Electric Heater which warms the service users with your kind regards.


Part of the water-proofing works in the kitchen which enables the service users a more cosy living.

* The values mentioned are in reference with the recent pricing from certain suppliers, which are for reference only and subject to change.


The more the merrier! Every dollar you contribute will benefit People in Recovery who will be given a better and sweeter home!

Please support “The Likang Enrichment Scheme”!


For further enquiries, please feel free to call 2466 1992.


Background of Organization
Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong was established in 1984 as a non-profit making registered charity. It is affiliated to the Richmond Fellowship International, a world-wide network of self-governing non-profit organization which shares the common aim of promoting good community care practice in the field of mental health.

Committed to enhance mental health in the community, Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong provides the emotionally disturbed, family caregivers and members of the community with support and education services, including Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Residential Training Services, Community Mental Health Support Services and etc.
For more details please refer to (The sincere appeal of artist Ms. Jessica Hsuan is included)