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The Conservancy Association (CA) founded in 1968 is the local green non-profit organization with the longest history in Hong Kong.  In the past five decades, there are people who had the vision and passion on environment joined CA, the very first environmental group in Hong Kong and witnessed how we pioneered the environmental movement, advocated for heritage conservation and sustainable development. 

Reaching our 50th Anniversary milestone, we are hosting a reception and movie sharing event to celebrate with our supporters, working partners and friends. The event will include a celebration ceremony, the first screening of a 50th Anniversary short documentary about CA, sharing of the movie “PAD YATRA : A green odyssey”, and a post movie discussion forum.

The Conservancy Association 50th Anniversary  Reception and Movie Night

Date :              23rd November, 2018 (Friday)

Time :              18:00-21:05

Location :        The Grand Cinema, Element

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