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Launched: 1 Mar 2018

Funding ends: 1 Apr 2018

The Story Of Collective Music Therapy

We are a group formed in 2008 by like-minded volunteers. It was the year the catastrophic earthquake hit Sichuan, and we formed a team to visit the quake-stricken areas and conduct collective music therapy sessions for the victims. The sessions were surprisingly effective, and we continue to conduct these sessions today. In 2011, Wave 5 Foundation (W5) was officially registered as a Non-Governmental Charity Organization (no:91/10831) in Hong Kong. The "Community Song" music created by volunteers has continued to be used in volunteer services in the Mainland China, overseas and Hong Kong. These Community Songs have been sung by the people we got in touch with, bringing positive messages and changes to a lot of communities.

2018 is the 10th anniversary of W5. In June, we will launch our very first original Cantonese Community Song album entitled "Waves of Love". The songs will also come in Mandarin versions, making the album a bilingual music CD package. The publication of this bilingual album is especially meaningful because the Community Songs are the hard work of a group of selfless Hong Kong-based musician volunteers who share their original music, and these songs are sung all over the Mainland and overseas. The project not only symbolises the love of Hong Kong people, but also marks the originality, drive and influence of this metropolis.

W5 - About Us

Setting A New Milestone For Community Songs

Community songs were originally created for disaster relief. They were used in remote areas to bond brokenhearted victims who were unfamiliar with one another and rekindle their spirits in a short period of time. The 30 or so Community Songs created thus far bear these common features: they have simple lyrics, catchy tunes and strong rhythms, and it is easy to lead a group with these songs. These songs have been used in areas affected by disasters, in communities, at schools, and even in business training sessions as icebreaker and team building tools. As soon as the music is on, every heart in that place warms up. We believe the breakthroughs and changes brought by the music will sustain in the community even after the volunteers have left. Once the community music stayed with the local community, it will transform the community into a big family, and everyone will continue to help each other spontaneously.

W5 released its first album of community songs entitled "Love, to say Good Words" in 2012. All 10 songs in that album were in Mandarin. This time, we are bringing the community songs back to Hong Kong, to its original birthplace. We are calling on volunteers who have participated in community services at various locations from 2008 onwards to work together to launch this new album with 12 community songs, entitled “Waves of Love”.

Album Content

Participated Musician

1)Music Conducting 

Andrew Chu, Diamond Wong, Joyce W. Chan, Li Kui Sing, Clay Music - Amy Sand

2Music Production

ibreathemusik - Carlos Choi, Clay Music - Amy Sand

3)Lyrics Translation

CantonHymn - Anthony Lee, Tommy Chan, Michael Loo, Edith Leung, Tony Lui, Wilson Sze, Danny Kwan, Lik Chow, Sarmgut, Isabel Kan, Philip Wong, Raymond Tam, Andy So, Simon Chung, Dorothy [email protected], Andrew Chu, etc

4)Singers / Choirs

Ivy So, Yu Chiu, Diamond Wong, Glomon Kong, Christo Li, Sarah Fai,  ACM Children Choir, Born to Shine, etc


List of songs in English

1    _  You walk with me

2    _ Really Different

3    _ Because of Love

MANDARIN version


4    _  I Will Love You

5    _  Smile

6    _  So Good to be with You

7    _  Let Love Fly

8    _  Share Love with You

9    _  Sunshine Gathering        

10  _  Different Kind of Love

11  _   I Can See Your Love

12  _   Live to Love

Our speedy plan and passion

The volunteer teams we have formed for the “Waves of Love” project include a Music Team, a Recording Team, a Promotion Team and an Administration Team; and we hope to produce a high-quality music product with speed and enthusiasm in a limited time and with limited resources, just like how we responded to the earthquake disaster a decade ago.

Our goal for “Waves of Love” is to let thousands of people who have sung Community Songs to know that these Songs were originated in Hong Kong and to demonstrate the professionalism of local production. In order to achieve this goal, we have made a detailed work schedule to help volunteer teams work together in their respective spare time.

We are very grateful for all the hard work from our volunteers, each one contributing their efforts and following the work schedule, thereby allowing us to be confident to take the first step before we can garner all the resources that we need. With their help, we have already completed our first 2 sample songs and a crowdfunding promotional video.

Time Schedule

            March 2018     CrowdFunding Period

              April 2018     Album Recording and Production 

              June 2018     Album Printing & Reward Preparation

              July 2018      Reward Package, Shipping & Album Publishing

   November 2018     "Sing For LOVE" Community Song Concert

Required amount and fund-raising target

The crowdfunding target for “Waves of Love” is HK $ 198,000. The cost - including a team of professional music producers, singers and composers involved and all relevant expenses along the process - is way lower than the market price of producing a bilingual 2 CDs music album.

We sincerely thank every partner who is willing to contribute their best for a common goal, including:

Carlos Choi for music arrangement and recording from ibreathemusik; Anthony Lee for being the album producer and fellows from CantonHymn for translating the lyrics into Cantonese; Simon Kan for filming and editing; and Ivy So, Yu Chiu and other singers and choirs team for contributing their wonderfully gifted voices.

This sincere music production is the work of so many talented and loving people with their precious efforts and resources. And now, with the help and support of each and everyone of you, we aim to be able to raise HK $ 198,000 in March and finish the production of the album by June.

The Funding of HKD198,000 will be used as below:

           67.2% --- Cost of Recording and Music Copyright 

           25.3% --- Cost of Printing, Package and Shipping of Album & Reward

           7.5% --- Adminstration Fee of CrowdFunding 

* The rest amount of the Funding will be used in W5 serivces of deprived children and family after deducting all the cost of Album Production.

Exquisite Rewards for You

We very much need your support in order to release “Waves of Love” on schedule. Your every penny counts! Every support is extremely important to us. Here is how you can be part of it: sponsor us and preorder the CD, refer us to your relatives, friends and local network, or simply share the latest news about this program on your social media platform.

This is our request of utmost urgency, and a critical moment for this project. If the targeted amount cannot be reached within March, not only do we need to refund all the money raised but most importantly, the production of “Waves of Love” will come to a halt, meaning the beautiful music and labour put forward by everyone throughout these 10 years will be in vain.

So, to encourage more participation, we offer a variety of rewards for our sponsors, including: Cantonese and Mandarin Album (including MP3 and CD), Sheet Music, "Sing for LOVE" communtiy song concert tickets, Handcrafts from SiChuan and "Amateur Painter - Draw for Children" Illustration Storybook, etc.

Generating even more…

Regardless of the amount you sponsor and the rewards of your choice, we sincerely invite you to join us at the "Sing for LOVE" community song concert scheduled to be held in November 2018. We will promote the love and music in the album at the concert as our gift to Hong Kong.

Apart from producing the physical CD sets, a digital album will also be available. Patrons can log in a website with a one-time password to download the full album. But of course, all this will only be possible if the album can be launched smoothly – we need your support!

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伍濤基金會 Wave 5 Foundation Limited