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Proud to be a Girl!

Update on 4 Apr 2019

‘Proud to be a Girl!’ is the key project implemented by The Girls’ Brigade Hong Kong (GBHK) for the year 2019-2020. This project includes the following 2 sections:

Section A: Public education and promotion (Compilation of training materials and running Cloth Pads workshops)

Section B: Overseas visiting and volunteering (For the purpose of understanding women’ issues in the Third World)

Section A: Public education and promotion

Aiming at mobilizing our cadet members, parents and the public, we would like to make reusable sanitary pads cooperatively. In the Cloth Pads workshops, ‘the uniqueness of being a girl’ will be shared & promoted based on participants’ ages and their developmental needs.

  1. Training materials

Through training materials, the companies of GBHK and the public will place a greater emphasis on girls’ uniqueness, self-protection and sexual assault prevention. Further, we hope that participants are able to realize the roles of a woman in a family, today’s society, the world and put respect & support into practice.

Topics about training materials:

1. Girls’ perplexities of puberty & holistic (physical & psycho.) health concern;

2. Roles of women and their influences in society;

3. Actualities and needs of women living in the Third World.


  1. Cloth Pads Workshops

Workshops will be held among the communities our companies located at, and the following issues will be explored:

1. Vision & Mission of ‘Proud to be a Girl!’

2. Feminine hygiene management

3. Actuality and needs of women living in the Third World

4. Techniques of making reusable sanitary pads


Objectives: Promoting the use of training materials and making 10,000 cloth pads

Number of participants estimated: 1,000

Expenditure estimated: HKD $180,000 (Compilation of training materials, organizing Cloth Pads Workshops, preparing reusable sanitary pad materials & logistic arrangements.)

Proposed timeslot for public education: April-December, 2019

Section B: Overseas Service Trip & Volunteering

We will ship the pads to Cambodia and Africa so as to provide materials for the poverty women. In addition, we aim at preventing them from feminine illnesses and sexual assault caused by extremely low accessibility to get adequate sanitary pads. 


Through the short-term service program, cadet members will encounter lives of different cultures, meeting people in need and practically understand women’ need in reality. They are expected to have a wider scope to explore the world and willing to serve at the frontline.


Number of participants estimated: 20 members

Expenditure estimated: HKD $70, 000

Proposed timeslot for service trip: at late 2019 or early 2020

*Acknowledgement to “The Friends of Girls' Brigade Hong Kong Limited” in launching & support this project. We also need your support to make this project real!*

For more information, please refer to the Chinese Webpage!

This page is extended to 1 July 2019

Update on 26 Mar 2019

Seem not possible...but it is the real situation...:'(

Update on 21 Mar 2019

'According to SNV Zimbabwe, 72 per cent of rural girls who menstruate do not use sanitary pads, 45 per cent do not have access to proper sanitary wear and end up using rags, cow dung or grass and leaves during their menstrual periods. These have been found to have after effects to the reproductive health of women. Reusable pads are more economically friendly when compared to the cost of disposable sanitary wear, which cost a minimum of $3 per pack of 10 while reusable pads cost $5 for a packet of 5 including a pad case and can be used for a minimum of eight months. They are cheap in the sense that one can make them by themselves; Imagine a household with three girls, it means one has to fork out $4-$7 for one pack and each girl needs say 3 packs on average a month. That’s a staining cost of $36-$93 on a struggling family.'


Chenai Mary Mutambira

National Coordinator, G.B. Zimbabwe


「欣」我是女生!Kick Off活動!誠邀您一起來!

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We want to tell a story! A Miraculous One!

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