''Made In Hong Kong'' at Festival d'Avignon

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''Made In Hong Kong'' at Festival d'Avignon

''Made in Hong Kong'' is an art project orchestrated by I AM Artist Management Limited for the Festival OFF D’Avignon, France. It consists of a series of individual programmes about different cultures conversing with each other through art and let artists reveal an intricated world  that is in sharp contrast to our general understanding.

Back in 2017, ''Made in  Hong Kong'' was the only Hong Kong group performing there. Festival D’Avignon  is the oldest existing festival in France and also one of the world's greatest. Our performance ‘Days Being A Fish' received warm reviews from audiences : “It’s poetic, touching and reflects the life of the modern city.” Out of the 1480 programmes presented at the festival, we ranked 16 at  toseeornottosee.fr , an online scoring platform in France.

Then in 2018, we brought 2 more local drama groups there and put up a total of  3 shows at the Fest. Our shows  succeeded in attracted a number of  media interviews.

This year, our challenge is to keep up the good work as the sole Hong Kong representative, and to find financial support that could send 50 young artists to Avignon and put up 4 good shows at this magnificent fest with us. 

Therefore we are calling on your partnership to bring our project to life.  Your contributions will be used for airfare, accommodation in France, production and also marketing costs, etc.. These  young Hong Kong artists are counting on you , so that they could gain invaluable experience  and expand their cultural horizon as they partake in such an important festival.

Please check out our programme details, and we have also prepared some gifts to express our gratefully to your generous response. 

This year, Festival Off D’Avignon 2019 will be held from 5-28 July and we will be performing all through the whole period. The shows we are going to present are:


La 乜春 (mat1 ceon1) du Lion    

As a sequel to La Roche Du Lion from 2018, La 乜春 mat1 ceon1 du Lion (Que?…Le Lion…?) comes with all the questions Hongkongers have in mind. From under the colonial rule to the “homecoming” to a rich, powerful and estranged control freak motherland, the drastic changes in the lives of a group of common people, in the city under the Lion Rock, continue with full-on absurdity. Like in Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka), instead of feeling tied up with the limitations, new challenges and new rules at the beginning, how do we stop the nostalgia, find a way to move forward and “feel free”? Is it the hallucination of a group of lunatics? Dementia of one’s integrity? Or the modern-day exodus? This surrealist, vigorous, contemporary and humorous presentation is going to throw out all the questions and to give you an unforgettable theatre experience. Full of movement and musical elements. Minimal in speech.



The humanzee / L’humanzee / 猩猩人

In order to survive, we must be turned into Humanzee, more crazy, shameless, and more violent than this disordered world!

Hong Kong emerging theater star Wong Chun Ho, together with award-winning emerging choreographer and performers, commissioned Laurette Théâtre of France to create a new black humor and satirical work, “The Humanzee”, which faces the crisis of human existence today through bizarre burlesque performance. In the early 1920s, Ivanov received funding from the Soviet Union government to catch Chimpanzee in Africa to attempt to create a human–chimp hybrid. It is said that the exiled experimental products will sexually invade each other and eat human beings; they can talk, behave and feel like human.... Are they monsters? chimpanzees? Or human?


Terres communes by The Left Pocket

Hong Kong - A fast-paced metropolis. The ending of the British rule and its return to China together intensified changes in this city. Those who grew up there during the colonial era of Hong Kong and the expats who are working away from their homeland have no roots planted in the city. Two artists are here to share with us on how they are lost under the sky of this dramatic city, and thus their sense of loneliness and powerlessness with their music.

Saxophonist from the United Kingdom Bruce Hunnisett, and Hong Kong-born drummer Joe Y.H. Lung will be in conversation about Hong Kong with jazz.  The music they wrote and the video projection they produced will show you Hong Kong from an alternative perspective of two jazz musician's.



Midsummer Night’s Dream

This Midsummer Night’s Dream is a special, post-millennial Shakespearean mashup. A group of young, talented theatre performers and creative minds from Hong Kong, aged 12-17, co-created and redefined their new version of the infamous Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is upbeat, witty, funny, light-hearted, young and rhythmical. The performance is full of movement with very little speech.

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