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Please support Hong Kong local dragon boat team to shine in the dragon boat world championships!

Ordinary people hunting for extraordinary achievements!

We need your support!


Project Introduction:

In 2016, we, J-Dragon, raced in the 10th IDBF Club Crew World Championships (“CCWC”) held in Australia with the Senior Team winning a silver medal! In 2017, we again successfully obtained the qualification to race in the 11th IDBF CCWC representing Hong Kong! The 11th IDBF CCWC will be held in Szeged, Hungary, between 17 and 22 July 2018. Based on our experience gained in 2016, this year, we target to shoot for the moon. We will send more than 40 paddlers to race with top competitors from all over the world in the events of Premium Open (Standard Boat), Premium Mixed (Standard Boat) and Senior Open (Small Boat). We hope to bring glory to Hong Kong again!

Photos of the 10th IDBF CCWC held in Adelaide, Australia, in 2016.

The challenge comes right after being qualified to participate in the 11th IDBF CCWC is the huge financial expenses involved. Most of the paddlers from J-Dragon will pay for their own flight tickets. Yet we still need your generous support for the following reasons:

  1. Some of our paddlers are full-time students who are not financially independent while the costs of participating in the 11th IDBF CCWC bring them heavy burden. Some of these young and capable sportsmen/sportswomen are still hesitating whether to participate in the race due to the financial concern;
  2. We have tried to raise funds by different means including soliciting cash sponsorships from existing team members, selling handmade cookies to the public and organizing dragon boat training courses for private companies. We appreciate the support and sponsorships from every one of you but the sum is still short of meeting the necessary expenses of participating in the 11th IDBF CCWC; and
  3. The team will need funds for the acquisition, maintenance and logistics of equipment (eg paddles), the 11th IDBF CCWC entry fee, registration fee and administration fee, transportation fee in Hungary, etc.

In view of the above, we need your generous donations! A pin a-day is a groat a-year. Your support will be the greatest encouragement to this group of striving amateur athletes. Your action will nourish the dreams of a group of ordinary people and drive us to the world stage of dragon boat sport. Help us shine for Hong Kong.


Uses of Donations:



Amount (HKD)


The 11th IDBF CCWC entry fee, registration fee and administration fee



Local transportation fee during the race period*



Subsidy on local accommodation fee during the race period*



Subsidy on food expense during the race period*



Acquisition, maintenance and logistics of equipment



Flight tickets for full-time students



Flight tickets of other paddlers

At own expense




*17-22 July 2018 (a total of 6 days)


CCWC Introduction:

CCWC is a major event in dragon boat sport and is the ultimate goal of quite some amateur paddlers. Over 500 paddlers of 300 teams from 17 countries and regions participated in the 10th IDBF CCWC held in Adelaide, Australia, in 2016. The strict race rules and the huge race scale are equivalent to national races.


J-Dragon Introduction:

J-Dragon was established in 2012 with the mission and vision of encouraging more young new bloods to devote themselves in dragon boat sport to pass on the sport and its culture. Since its establishment, we have been encouraging team members to participate in different dragon boat-related activities and trainings. We now have a total of eight coaches (ranging from Grades I to III) qualified by the Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association. Two of our coaches were awarded “Community Coach Recognition Awards” in the Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Local and Overseas Training:

J-Dragon holds all-year-round regular training every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. In 2017, we selected 10 paddlers to receive advanced trainings provided by one of the world’s strongest dragon boat teams – Mr. CaNoe, at Hualien, Taiwan. We endeavoured to push our paddlers’ abilities to another level and bring back the skills and techniques to other team members in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Team:

Currently nine paddlers (eight males and one female) from J-Dragon are also the selected paddlers of Hong Kong Team. Relevant paddlers participated in the 13th World Nations Championships held at Kunming in 2017 in which Hong Kong Team won one silver medal and three bronze medals in total.


Community Services:

Institutions who have received dragon boat trainings provided by J-Dragon include:

  • Sham Shui Po District Junior Police Call (JPCSSPO)
  • Cognitio College (Hong Kong)
  • Lingnan Secondary School
  • Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College


Previous Race Records:

Year of 2017 (partial records)


J-Dragon’s Achievement

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championships


  • 200m Small Boat:Senior Open Champion, Premium Mixed 2nd runner-up
  • 500m Small Boat:Premium Open Champion, Premium Mixed 1st runner-up
  • 500 m Standard Boat:Premium Mixed 2nd runner-up

Tuen Mun District Dragon Boat Race (Dragon Boat Festival)


  • Standard Boat:Mixed Gold Cup Champion
  • Small Boat:Senior Gold Cup Champion

The 8th HK Half Marathon 2017

  • Standard Boat:Open Champion

Eastern District Dragon Boat Race


  • Standard Boat:Mixed Gold Cup 2nd runner-up
  • Standard Boat:Open Gold Cup 2nd runner-up
  • Standard Boat:Open Government Cup 2nd runner-up

Year of 2016 (partial records)


J-Dragon’s Achievement

The 10th IDBF Club Crew World Championship

  • 200m Small Boat:Senior Open1st runner-up

200m Small Boat:Senior Open1st runner-up

  • Mixed Gold Cup Champion

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championships


  • 200m Small Boat:Senior 2nd runner-up, Women 5th runner-up
  • 500m Small Boat:Premium Mixed Champion, Women 2nd runner-up, Senior 3rd runner-up
  • 200m Standard Boat:Premium Mixed 2nd runner-up, Open 2nd runner-up
  • 500m Standard Boat:Senior 1st runner-up
  • 2000m Standard Boat:Premium Mixed 1st runner-up


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