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Hangzhou is one of the six "double Innovation " cities. It was selected as one of "China's Top Ten Innovative Eco-Cities" and was named "China's Most Suitable Start-up City". By creating characteristic towns to prop up the city's innovative skeletons, forming a circle of stickiness through platform agglomeration, and then supporting entrepreneurial innovation through the introduction of elements, Hangzhou’s “creative ecosystem” has gradually taken shape. Hangzhou is a representative innovation and entrepreneurship city. Innovation Sparkle Camp hopes to bring students close to the Triple Innovation atmosphere and inspires the students' thinking.

II. Project Details

1. Itinerary:

Date IItems


Ice-breaking activities, innovation and entrepreneurship workshops; listening to innovative talents in Hong Kong; visiting local social innovation companies

29, Jun

Arriving in Hangzhou;opening ceremony of Innovation Forum 

30, Jun

Visit Mengqi Town,  Dream Town

1, Jul

Visit Alibaba Group Headquarters; Visit Internet Innovation Companies;  Team Project Seminar for Innocation Forum

2, Jul

Closing Ceremony of the Innovation Forum Camping Ceremony; Panel Project Display; Return to Hong Kong

8, Jul

Experience Hong Kong's innovative product design in Hong Kong


III. Selection of Participants

Based on the students’ attendance, class, and creative performance, each of the 5 schools will selected 10 students to participate in a six-day Innovation Sparkle Camp.


IV. Budget:

Item Details Expenses
Round-trip flight form HK to HZ 1800HKD 1800HKD per head
Insurance 100HKD/Dayx4Day 400HKD per head
F&B in HZ 100HKD/Dayx4Day 400HKD per head
Transportation in HZ 50HKD/Dayx4Day 200HKD per head
Accommodation in HZ 200HKD/Dayx3Day 600HKD per head
Average Expense per head / 3400HKD per head
Total 3300HKD/pplx50 ppl 170,000HKD


V. Past Experience

Unleash Foundation has rich experience in holding culture exchange programmes. The theme of the events involved cultural creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, education, and technology. We hope to encourage the interaction between young people in Hong Kong and Mainland China through culture exchange activitiees. We aim to let everyone know, learn and appreciate each other, and create a platform of communion. The exchange groups on the topics of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship included: Hangzhou Trip in October 2015, August 2016 and July 2017, Zhuhai Culture Tour April 2017, Foshan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tour in April 2018 . Exchange programmes on education topics include: the Foshan trip from 2014 to 2016, Suichang County, Zhejiang Province from 2015 to 2016, and the Kunming and Yuxi of Yunnan Trip from 2016 to 2017 and cultural exchange trip to Harbin from 2016 to 2017. The number of young people benefiting is 1000, including 50 middle school students and 600 mainland students.

VI. Team members:

1. 2 project manager from Unleash Foundation

2. 5 teachers from secondary schools: Lee Kau Yan Memorial School, Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School, Workers' Children Secondary School, Heung To Middle School (Tin Shui Wai), Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School)


VII. Usage of Funding: For the expenses of Round-trip flight form HK to HZ, Insurance, F&B, Accommodation and Transportation in HZ.


VIII. Reward

Invitation to become the team leader of this event and participate in the whole itinerary. 


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Unleash Foundation invites the individual(s) to accompany the students in the culture exchange programme. He/she can benefit from the business networking sessions of this programme.

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