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For Kids: Auto-detect Distance Device for Electronic Display

An attachable device on a display screen to alert the kids not getting their eyes too close, which applies to all electronic displays.

Are you worrying your kids always looking too close to screen of smartphone or TV?

Do you remember how many times you have asked the kids not to get too close to the phone or tablet? And yes they remain unchanged even replying you 'Okay'. Since smart devices are now part of our daily life, people are suffering short-sightedness at a younger age and the number of blindness is increasing steadily. If you can't get the kids stop using the devices, how about trying to keep them a safe distance from the screen?

Who are we?

A new start-up company set up in 2018 based in HK. FTD InnoTech gathers several engineers (over 20+ years of experience in Machinery & Automation designs) to make contributions to the society. Simplicity, Creativity and Excellence are the core values of the company while Innovation for Life is what we are working for.

How can we help on this problem?

Putting the small gadget onto any display screens (with the right accessories we provided in the package), an embedded sensor and the apps will auto-detect if the user is getting too close, then the screen will immediately go BLACK. Yes, you won't be able to loop anything unless you stay back and out of the alert distance range. See the video above to watch how it works.

Why do we need it? 3 simple reasons

-Guide the kids to use the device at an appropriate distance
​-Provide a better tool for the good sake of the next generation
-One set applicable to any display screens of smart devices^ 

What makes it worth of this price?

The most valuable of this gadget is the belief behind. We, the whole team, believe the technology is not only for life enhancement but also for solving the problems created by the technology itself. Here we will provide 2 solutions to fulfill your need:
-Smart Set - Apply to all smart devices: phones, tablets, notebooks and TVs &
-Full Set - If you are not using a smart TV at home, don't worries, with this set you will be able to enjoy a Smart Set and an additional set exclusively for the traditional TVs!

They are affordable, reusable and most importantly applicable to all the smart devices and even the traditional TVs. Check out the early bird offers NOW for Smart Set and Full Set!

^'Smart devices' refers to phones, tablets, notebooks and smart TVs.

Use Of Funds

Cost Breakdown:
-$4000 device material cost
-$2000 testing setup cost
-$2000 assembly cost
​-$2000 logistics cost

How can the funding help?

Every dollar from your support will greatly help us to prepare the device material, testing setup, assembly cost, office rental and labour cost. The amount beyond $10000 will allow us to further develop the product in a mass production design to lower down the device price such that everyone can enjoy it with their family! Please support us for this meaningful project. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign by selecting a reward from the list on the right. We are so grateful for your support.


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(approximately US$52*)

Pledge HK$ 399 or more

Let's buy one for the kid! (Smart Set)

Smart Set: 

Apply to all smart devices, such as phones, tablets and TVs.

International delivery +HK$40
Estimated Delivery: Jan 2019
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(approximately US$90*)

Pledge HK$ 699 or more

Let's buy one for the kid! (Full Set)

Full Set: 

Apply to all smart devices (such as phones, tablets and TVs) and even to the non-smart TVs.

Includes 1 Smart Set & 1 additional set for the non-smart TVs.

International delivery +HK$80
Estimated Delivery: Jan 2019
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