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on 31 August 2019

Launched: 8 Dec 2018

Funding ends: 31 Aug 2019

Dear DCS Supporters,

In 2018, we competed in the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition (“TICC”) and came back as The Grand Prix Winner, with our conductor, Ronnie Kay Yen Cheng, winning The Best Conductor Award.  Our performance of “A Song” also won us an award for the Best Interpretation for Compulsory Pieces.

In 2019, in our capacity as the winner of TICC, we will be competing in the World Choir Championship in Tokyo with 3 other winners of choir competitions around the world this year. 

We are fundraising for this competition, for the ongoing maintenance expenses of the choir and in celebration of DCS’s 20th Anniversary, funds raised will be used towards:

  • Subsidizing student members on part of the competition costs
  • Commissioning of pieces, venue rental, music production and administration
  • Sponsoring student scholarships on music related pursuits (e.g. we sponsored students to participate in the 2018 World Choir Games in South Africa)

Over the past 20 years we have remained steadfast in our commitment to producing the best choral music.  Your generosity will help us bring our music, and the recognition of the Diocesan name, to the world.  Every dollar of your donation will also be matched dollar for dollar by a matching donor.

Thank you for your Support!

About Diocesan Choral Society

The Diocesan Choral Society (DCS) was founded by graduates of Diocesan Boys’ School and Diocesan Girls’ School to continue down the musical path they forged together in their secondary school days. Under the baton of Ronnie Kay Yen Cheng, former members of the DBS and DGS mixed choirs gather, united by the common goal of producing exceptional choral music.

More About Us

To learn more about DCS, please visit our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages below

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diocesan.choral.society/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiocesanChoralSociety/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhiWaGjWVcothrrylv7Fpw

Diocesan Choral Society
Project by
Diocesan Choral Society


(approximately US$65*)

Contribute towards our costs for procurement of music scores and other rehearsal expenses.

3 Backers


(approximately US$129*)

Support a student member’s meal costs in Tokyo.

4 Backers


(approximately US$321*)

Support a student member’s accommodation costs in Tokyo.

4 Backers


(approximately US$641*)

Support a student member’s flight ticket to compete in Tokyo.

2 Backers


(approximately US$1,282*)

Support a student member’s total tour costs for our upcoming competition in Tokyo.

7 Backers


(approximately US$3,846*)

Contribute towards our efforts to provide scholarships to our talented student members to enable them to contribute to Diocesan music.

10 Backers


(approximately US$6,410*)

Contribute towards funds that will sustain long term development of the choir.

2 Backers

Contribute any amount

  • We welcome any pledge amount. Thank you for supporting the project without any rewards.

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