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About AFS

AFS Intercultural Exchanges is an international non-profit voluntary organization established in 1914. AFS Hong Kong Office was set up in 1982 as a charitable institution within the meaning of section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. 

Our mission

Establish mutual respect and understanding among participants worldwide through various exchange programs, with a view to achieving the vision of racial harmony and world peace. 

Our works

We provide local youth with complete and in-depth international cultural exchange opportunities mainly through

  • Overseas Exchange Program (Year / Summer)
  • Host Family Program

Since 1982, AFS Hong Kong has hosted around 800 foreign exchange students, worked with more than 400 partner schools and sent over 3,800 secondary school students, volunteers and teachers on a variety of intercultural learning programs. 

Without government funding, your donation will enable us to 

  • Provide more international exchange opportunities for underprivileged local students in Hong Kong
  • Charge general participants the bare minimum

Overseas exchange programs

Participants for AFS overseas exchange programs are local secondary school students aged 15 to 18, and those selected will participate in a 10-month or summer program, live with a local host family and study at a local secondary school. 

Host family program

By joining the program, local families have the chance to host a secondary school students from across the globe for 10 months and create multicultural environment at home.


Our operation depends highly on volunteers - from our host families who offer room and board to foreign exchange students without any subsidies, to our support contacts who are committed to provide 24/7 support and guidance to students and parents on adjustment issues without any compensation. So your donation is very important in supporting our work!