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on 11 December 2012

Launched: 27 Sep 2012

Funding ends: 11 Dec 2012

Pre-Exhibition for Memories Factory

Update on 22 Feb 2013

Hi dear backers,

YAY, Happy Year of Snake!
It’s been a while since I last updated all of you. First of all, I have to thank you for all your understanding upon my delivery extension and again for your ongoing support throughout the process. Now, all bookmarks and wood stick necklaces are finished and I'll be sending them out by the end of February.

Finished bookmarks

Finished wood stick necklaces

And I have also finished 2 custom-upgraded products while others are still work in progress.

My work in progress custom-upgraded products

Now, there is a chance for you to have a look at my finished products, as well as those semi-finished ones. There will be a Pre-Exhibition for Memories Factory held on this coming Sunday (24th Feb). I'm going to display all my products there, including all kinds of Memories Factory rewards, both the finished and the semi-finished ones. It is an event organized by Jup Yeah and I am sure it will be a great fun, as it provides people with a place to swap with others and give their old passions a new life while there is refreshment provided. Meanwhile, there will be sharing sessions and a DJ will play music at the venue. So come and join me at my sharing session at 3pm on 24th Feb! (Please see below for Pre-Exhibition details.)

Meanwhile, I am looking for a suitable venue to hold my first exhibition and I am also looking for more 1.35L bottle and wood sticks, as to have all your rewards finished. Thanks again for your ongoing support, and wish all of you a Happy 2013!

Pre-Exhibition Details as follow:
Date: 24th February, 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 12:00 - 18:00
Venue: The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island
Entrance fee: HK$70 for Early Bird Pass (to register in the website of JUPYEAH before 20th February, 2013)
HK$120 at the door
50% off for full-time students and senior citizens at 65 or above
Free admission for children at 12 or below
JUPYEAH official website:!memories-factory/cvwa


Update on 23 Nov 2012

忽週真係好多人睇! 多謝記者著重在"情"的angle
仲有幾日ja!去 support la!如果集資唔夠我將會無限期壓後整個project 

Memories Factory 回憶工業

Update on 22 Nov 2012

7-8am, 903, 早安,同學早!

急急morning call既要有903 archive先聽到~

Memories Factory 回憶工業

Update on 20 Nov 2012

1. go to, 登入
and click the red arrow button, 按"支持此項目"


2. It is not a must for you to register, you can just click the "facebook" button and keep going, it will then take you back to the main page, just click back to Memories Factory


3. Choose the value that you want to support and click confirm


4. After confirmation of value, you can just pay by credit card or pay pal etc. If the project is not successful, then all the $ will be refunded to u!
確認後你可以以信用卡或paypal支付, 如果集資不成功, 全部$都會轉回給你




Update on 10 Nov 2012

Thanks for organizing my wordings :)

Tao, Issue 68

Update on 5 Nov 2012

佢用三大段概括左我講既野 :)

i m not gd at speaking, use so many words to describe a tiny idea

ps. super thanks to Alri Workshop for the place!!!!

Memories Factory 回憶工業

Update on 26 Oct 2012

人生每個階段總有值得回味的事...當回憶似被淡忘時, 原來我們還可以這樣把昨天帶回今天.
Upcycle your lost Memories . Upgrade your useless items.

Memories Factory 回憶工業 



  • Q: I don’t live in Hong Kong and I have no way to drop my old things off to you, so can I still back this project?
    Yes! Your support is more than welcome even if you don’t have any old things to share or you have no way to give me your old things, in which case you can simply back me and I will still deliver your rewards to you internationally.
    Q: Can I give you any kind of old things?
    Sure, pretty much everything and anything apart from old things sized bigger than 1 cubic metre. No matter what kind of old things I receive from you, I am going to repurpose and upgrade them with your own story and my creativity. If you want to upcycle your old things and see how creative I can be, just simply confirm me with a location where I can go to pick your old things up and share your story in person.
    Q: Can I give you more than one old product?
    Unfortunately you can only give me one old thing each time you back me but, of course, you can back me as many times as you want. I am more than happy to have your support because that means a lot to me. However, with every single old thing that you give me, you need to share the story behind that particular old product with me, so that I can make a new design with value added by your story and my creativity.
    Q: Will I know how my old things look like before displaying them in your exhibition after you have upcycled them?
    Don’t worry. I will regularly keep you updated with my working progress on every product on this project page on FringeBacker. In addition, I will privately send you photos of the finished products once I have finished upcycling your old products.
Agnes Nong
Project by
Agnes Nong


(approximately US$7*)

A creative postcard upcycled from old newspapers.

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012
0 Backers


(approximately US$13*)

A beautiful leather bookmark upcycled from discarded leather, and engraved with the backer's name

International delivery +HK$50
Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012
20 Backers


(approximately US$45*)

A wonderful necklace upcycled from old wood sticks.

International delivery +HK$50
Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012
10 Backers


(approximately US$65*)

A homely lamp painted in backer’s favourite colour upcycled from plastic bottles and paint.

International delivery +HK$50
Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012
5 Backers


(approximately US$129*)

Custom-upgraded reward made from an old item (up to A4 size) that you send to me with your own story. I will deliver the custom-upgraded product to you after the exhibition.

Estimated Delivery: Apr 2013
8 Backers


(approximately US$257*)

Custom-upgraded reward made from an old item (size up to 1 cubic metre) that you send to me with your own story. I will deliver the custom-upgraded product to you after the exhibition.

Estimated Delivery: Apr 2013
2 Backers

Contribute any amount

  • We welcome any pledge amount. Thank you for supporting the project without any rewards.

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