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on 10 April 2015

Launched: 10 Feb 2015

Funding ends: 10 Apr 2015

Dance bonds everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from. As long as you have passion and the eyes for it, then you would know how to go with the rhythm and how to play with the beats .... what we really hope is to raise an awareness about how dance can help and even inspire others to achieve their goals in order to make our human relationship become more closer and genuine.



Community Outreach Dance Project is a collective initiative and collaboration between an incredible team of dance professionals who want to give back to our community with their talent and Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD). These passionate dance instructors comes from diverse backgrounds quite often feel that they could be doing more than just contributing within their own circles. They want to reach out to the community by sharing the art of dance to the underprivileged young people.

This initiative arose from the fact that we noticed not every youngster in Hong Kong can have a chance to come into contact with the art of dance. Many of them cannot afford to go to any dance class. Therefore we would like to provide FREE dance classes for underprivileged or marginalised youngsters to experience the beauty and thrill of dance.

Through practicing dance, the children will develop better self-confidence and communicative language abilities.  By a better understanding of their talents and potentials, the children can figure out the right path and directions for future education or career development which will lead to a more promising future to them and their families.

We are offering the free classes to children from two charitable organisations - The Po Leung Kuk, UBS, FCC  Language Training Programme (保良局/ 瑞銀 /香港外國記者會語文培訓計劃) and Home Care for Girls (關愛之家).


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Young people are like a piece of clay. Clay can be made into different shapes, and they can also be developed to contribute the society in different ways.

Young people are at the heart of our project and we believe that giving young people the opportunity to develop skills and expertise in arts is crucial as one of the ways for a thriving and vibrant sector in the future. We want to give these youngsters something that is experimental and inspirational. We are asking you to join us to truly invest in their future by providing them with opportunity to dream big, create a clear vision of their potential, unleash their creativity that contribute to their personal development under the guidance of our dance professionals. Ultimately, what we really do hope is that those youngsters will give something back to our community in the return of what they have taken today.



We aim to raise $6,000 HKD within 60 days through this project. All funds will be used to cover the expenses associated with the free dance. The class will start in April this year and will benefit around 30 secondary school students. We will incorporate two dance styles – Bollywood dance and Argentine Tango dance - into one class and hope they will have great fun with dance in festive April!

If the total fund raised exceeds the minimum target, all additional money will be used to offer more free dance classes to benefit more youngsters in different NGOs in the future.

Your contribution is instrumental to the success and sustainability of this project. You may choose to fund us for as low as $50 but you might want to fund $100 or more to get some cool rewards!


About Our Team

ONE brilliant idea connected with 3 talents for a good cause!

Uday Sathala is a talented and renowned Bollywood Dance Instructor and Choreographer in Hong Kong. He started teaching in 2000, and has conducted various types of professional dance trainings in India, Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In Jan 2014, he established his own dance studio “FEEL THE BEAT DANCE STUDIO” and continues to share his dance experience with richly diverse range of people. In addition, he was also invited as a guest instructor by many major education and art institutions such as HKU, HKUST, PolyU, Folkdance association of Hong Kong, CCCD and more.

Candy and Anita Sze are Argentine Tango instructors and Tango sisters. Their passion for Tango guided them to establish a Tango studio "TRIO SPIN STUDIO" in their hometown, Hong Kong in 2002 and have continued to share this wonderful dance to other people since then. As devoted instructors and choreographers, the Sze sisters were requested by the HKAPA to teach the master class in Hong Kong Dance Festival, and were involved in the production of "Lonely Tango" (2008) in collaboration with RTHK and HKAPA.


Mr. Uday Sathala

Ms. Candy Sze & Ms. Anita Sze


About Centre for Community Cultural Development

Centre for Community Cultural Development was founded in the 2004, its goal and mission are to promote and practice community cultural development, i.e. cultural activities that empower the underprivileged in particular persons with disabilities, migrant workers and ethnic minorities and will uphold diversity in cultural development in the face of the onslaught of the homogenizing force of globalization. In November 2006, CCCD became a registered charity in Hong Kong and donations to CCCD become tax deductible. Besides, CCCD has strategically collaborated with Asian People's Theatre Festival Society which was established in the nineties to promote community cultural development.


Other Ways to Help

If you cannot support to our project financially, we would like to ask that you help us spread the word by asking your family & friends about our project.  Send the links to your friends to them. Please use the share button to tell your friends on facebook, twitter, on your blog ... etc.


Check out our websites for more information

Bollywood dance:

Argentine Tango:


Contact us

Please send an email to [email protected] for any enquiry!!!!


Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!!!!


Beneficiary Organizations

The Po Leung Kuk, UBS, FCC  Language Training Programme was set up in 2005 to provide extra-curricular English, Putonghua and Storytelling sessions for 300 children and young people aged from 3 – 18 living in residential care in Po Leung Kuk.  The largest residential home is located in Causeway Bay and the service is also offered in the 12 small group homes all over Hong Kong.

The aim of the programme is to increase the confidence of the children and improve their communicative language abilities.  We hope that every child will reach their full potential and access tertiary education if they desire or move directly into the workforce if that is more suited to them.  Better language skills will assist with both these options and allow the students to provide better for their own families.

Home Care for Girls (關愛之家) is a non-profit organization established by a group of professionals dedicated to helping teenage girls in crises by means of providing those girls in need of a temporary home with safe and caring environment where they can live, study and grow.

language training programme


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Reward Photo

Argentine Tango postcard

Argentine Tango Postcard


Bollywood dance class

Bollywood dance class


Argentine Tango class

Argentine Tango class



Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD)
Project by
Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD)


(approximately US$13*)

Thank you! We couldn' t do it without you! Every little bit helps. You will receive a thank you email.


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(approximately US$39*)

You make our work possible! You will be given the above reward plus, an Argentine Tango postcard featured the world-known Tango Masters “Damián Esell & Nancy Louzán” . See reward photo.

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(approximately US$77*)

We can’ t say thank you enough! We are happy to give you a pass for 1 free regular class at one of our dance studios1.

1 For all the free dance classes, we will send you a confirmation email with class details after the close of this fundraising. For Argentine Tango, regular beginner class will be held every Tuesday and Saturday only. All free dance classes must be taken within one month from the date of the confirmation email.

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(approximately US$129*)

Your generosity is truly amazing! You will be given a pass for 1 free Bollywood dance class1 plus a pair of FEEL THE BEAT pants 2 (See reward photo) or 2 free Argentine Tango dance classes1 . See you in the class!

1 For all the free dance classes, we will send you a confirmation email with class details after the close of this fundraising. For Argentine Tango, regular beginner class will be held every Tuesday and Saturday only. All free dance classes must be taken within one month from the date of the confirmation email.
2 Only 2 pair of FEEL THE BEAT pants are offered as a reward under this project. Once they all are redeemed, the reward will be replaced by an extra free Bollywood Dance class.

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