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on 31 August 2020

Never underestimate the power of HK$10,000. If you are not urgently in need of HK$10,000 to support your daily living, have you ever thought of using it to help those who are in need, but are not eligible for applying the fund?

Hong Kong government will distribute HK$10,000 cash to eligible citizens from July onwards, but those who are under 18 years old as of 31st March 2020 are not qualified to apply. According to the Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2018, one million of citizens are living below the poverty line even after implementing measures alleviating poverty, this includes 170,000 of underprivileged youth and children. Your ten thousand dollars can take the weight off one million shoulders - the impact can be ten-fold. The relief fund can help underprivileged youths and families to walk through the hard time, so students can focus on catching up with their learning progress while encouraging them to stay healthy physically and mentally. We sincerely hope that you will give the underprivileged a helping hand by donating. We will take on the role to distribute social resources effectively to help more people in need, especially underprivileged children.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, living of grassroot families have been seriously affected. They were not able to acquire sufficient hygiene products to fight the epidemic and have been facing massive income loss with less working hours resulted from temporary closure of various businesses or services. School suspension for the past five months also meant parents had to stay-home with their children. To lower face masks consumption, parents are stressfully forced to stay-in with their children in an extremely compact apartment; breadwinning single parents even had to resign from their jobs to take care of their children.

Remote learning challenges of schooling children should not be ignored, including adaptation to online learning systems. It can be difficult for adults to work from home, let alone children squeezed in a secluded 100 feet space together with their extended family. It is hard for them to get immediate support and stay-home adults might not be able to solve their problems. In addition, youths are at the optimal timing to be socialising, however they can only stay at home throughout the entire COVID-19 outbreak. With limited space to perform physical exercises or various activities, induces negative emotions which affects physical and mental health of youth. Not to mention regular treatments for children with special educational needs had to call a halt. It is hard to imagine the amount of effort that is needed for parents and teachers to make up for the lost time.

In view of this, Inspiring Hong Kong Sports Foundation, Principal Chan Free Tutorial World and Teach for Hong Kong have come together to co-organise “Sponsor Million Futures with Ten Thousand Dollars” fundraising campaign, hoping to collectively raise funds to give holistic children and youth assistance by providing on and off campus support: from tutorials to physical and mental health guidance. Our fundraising target is one million dollars to help the one million underprivileged parents, youth and children. Your donation will be used to support three charities that focus on delivering professional services mentioned above for the needy. 


Please find the organizations’ introduction, website, latest audit report and support they provided during the COVID-19 outbreak (according to alphabetical order):


1. InspiringHK Sports Foundation

InspiringHK Sports Foundation is a local charity established in 2012, with a vision of developing better youths through sports. Our mission is to promote social mobility, gender equality, social inclusion and healthy lifestyle through sports. We carry out our mission through professional sports training, learning experience activities and public education. In 2019-2020, IHKSports has provided services to over 900 beneficiaries with not less than 54,000 hours of professional sports training. In addition, over 2,000 children and youth have benefitted from public education activities and special projects.

Since the suspension of classes in Hong Kong from 3rd of February, we has strived to respond immediately to the needs of our students and the society, serving underprivileged families by carrying out 4 emergency projects to fight the epidemic together:

1) Digital sports coaching classes

2) Distribute masks and hand sanitisers to our beneficiary families

3) Filming of 85 episodes of the "Classes Stops, Exercising Doesn’t" home sports video series until the class resumes

4) Production of “Class Resumes, Keep On Exercising” digital materials to guide students through adaptation of class resumption


Website and Audit Report


2. Principal Chan Free Tutorial World

Principal Chan Free Tutorial World was established in April, 2011. It is a Non-Profit Organization recognized by the HKSAR Government. (Registration Number: 91/11019)

With the support of many generous people in the society who have become our volunteer teachers, we provide absolutely free learning support to the underprivileged children who are receiving The Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme or full grant of School Textbook Assistance. Our scope of services includes One-to-one tutorials, Playgroup & pre-school courses, Small group learning classes, Talent development classes (musical instruments, photography, drawings etc.) and Extracurricular activities (Outdoor visits, parents and children workshops, English summer camps etc.)

In the times of COVID-19 outbreak, all our services including One-to-One Tutorial Programme, Talent development classes and Pre-school Classes were suspended. However, we were busy in supporting students as follows:

  1. Epidemic prevention supplies: Distribute face masks and other epidemic prevention supplies
  2. Learning: Created a Youtube channel called “Self-Learning Channel of Principal Chan Free Tutorial World” for uploading academic videos and distribute tablets for students which the expenses were raised by public.
  3. Mental Support: sponsor families to rent a car going to country park during class suspension period
  4. Living: sponsor families to get supermarket coupons and set up anti-epidemic fund


Website and Audit Report

3. Teach For Hong Kong

Teach For Hong Kong ("TFHK") envisions a future where all children in Hong Kong have equal opportunity to learn, grow and realize their potential. We nurture future leaders to bring education equity.

Our Fellowship Program aims to bring systemic changes over the long run while in the short run directly impacting underprivileged students. Over the past five years, we have recruited and equipped 150 passionate and diverse talents to teach as full-time teachers for a year at grassroots schools. They provide new learning experience and exposure to 25,000+ underprivileged students and empower students in their academic and life pursuits. These talents also bring fresh perspectives and drive small and large changes within the school system.

With the COVID-19, schools were suspended but not for our work. We quickly adapted to this abrupt transition to remote learning, continuing to support students through:

  1. Engaging and stimulating online lessons
  2. Online mentorships and career exploration workshops
  3. Launching an online emotional support platform

Welcoming students back to campuses, Fellows have upped their games and are relentlessly ensuring no underprivileged student is falling behind their peers.  

Website and Audit Report


Terms and Conditions for Donation Payments:

  • The fundraising platform and credit card company will charge 5% and 3% of the donation as service fee. Your generosity to also contribute towards the service fees will be much appreciated, so we can ensure that 100% of your donation will be used towards the ones in need.
  • The minimum donation amounts eligible for tax-exempt for this campaign is HK$300. You will receive three receipts of HK$100 from each of the three charities respectively.
  • The three charitable organisations will collect data regarding your donation for tax-exempt receipt issuing and future communication purposes.
  • If you wish to make a dedicated donation to an organisation of your choice, please visit their websites accordingly.

I target to raise HK$100,000 for Sponsor A Million Futures with Ten Thousand Dollars.

跳跳虎 is fundraising for Sponsor A Million Futures with Ten Thousand Dollars Charity

跳跳虎 is fundraising for Sponsor A Million Futures with Ten Thousand Dollars

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I target to raise HK$100,000 for Sponsor A Million Futures with Ten Thousand Dollars.