Macau Zombie Walk 2017


on 31 October 2017


The “Macau Zombie Walk” will be held, for the fourth consecutive year, to raise funds and awareness for Orbis organization. The fourth edition of the “Zombie Walk” will take place on Sunday 29 Oct.,17 featuring a challenging orienteering game exploring Macau historical heritages. Such routines may result in a variety of eye health issues which can include eyestrain, blurry vision, and dry eyes. In light of addressing these problems, the organizer of the “Zombie Walk” has selected Orbis as the beneficiary organization to support their efforts to promote eye health and education.

- Reinforce team spirit, train cooperation and communication skills
- Learn more about various UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Historic Centre of Macao
- Raise awareness and funds for Orbis

The Challenge: Explore selected sites of the Historic Centre of Macao in search of eyeballs (points). Participants will run into obstacles at checkpoints that require team efforts to solve, a fun and challenging team building activity.

Date: Oct 29, 2017
Start: Macau Tower
Finish: Albergue SCM
Time: 3-5pm

Participation fees:
Standard HK$280 / Students HK$100
*Must be at least 16 years old
Participants will receive an official gift pack and a medal for completing the challenge.

Prize for Highest fundraiser:
ALBERGUE 1601 dining voucher MOP888