Lost Sole Ultra 2019

Lost Sole Ultra 2019
Lost Sole Ultra 2019

Hong Kong Hikers officially announces the Fourth Annual Lost Sole 50 & 25km Challenge to be held on Lantau Island on February 22, 2019! Runners and hikers are both welcome to join. Registration opens on October 1 and spaces are limited to 52 spots for each event.
The name “Lost Sole Challenge” originates from HKH’s leader, Steve Pheby, who feared he would lose the soles of his beloved, but worn, Scott trail shoes before retiring them from the trails during a 50km course on Lantau. As it happened, plenty of soles from other runners and hikers who had previously been on the trail were found along the way. Thus, the name “Lost Sole” was born!
Thoughts From 2017 Lost Sole Challenge
“Lost Sole Challenge....the event of the year for Hong Kong Hikers where we train through the winter and challenge ourselves to run/hike/crawl to the finish line.” Marj, originally from Canada
"The Lost Sole has a bit of everything. It’s a challenging route, including some iconic peaks. The organisation is spot-on. And there’s a real spirit amongst the participants, demonstrated by the end-of-event party in Mui Wo. For me, it’s the best and most enjoyable of the distance events in Hong Kong." Stephen, originally from the UK
New This Year!
The card collection points will be manned thereby avoiding the sabotage which occurred last year. Also, as a first in Hong Kong, for every plastic bottle collected off the trail and handed in at a check point or the finish line there will be a time deduction from your finish time. We aim to be as low impact on nature as possible; this means we will only mark the trail with flour or chalk. Also, there will be a slight course change from 2018 for the 50km. The route will now follow the Lantau trail all the way back to Mui Wo from CP1 and not take the short cut through the Shek Pik BBQ site. This significantly reduces the amount of catchwater and brings the distance closer to 50km.
And this year there will be more fun along the course!

50KM Course
The 50k course is a circular route starting from the green mailbox at Mui Wo Ferry Pier and features an elevation gain of over 2,300 meters. The route follows the Lantau Trail markers, starting at L001 and heads up the main road to Nam Shan, then continuing along the Trail past Sunset and over Lantau Peak. Descending, the course then passes Ngong Ping and down the road towards the hills of Kwun Yam Shan and Keung Shan. At marker L045, leaving the Lantau Trail for the first time, the route takes the (name) trail to the Shek Pik catchwater. We then re-join the Lantau Trail between marker L076/77, and continue to L087; the first refreshment checkpoint (CP1). The course then crosses Shek Pik reservoir dam and, at the end of the dam turns right, following the yellow Lantau trail signs towards Shui Hau. Then, it’s up the stairs back to rejoin the beloved catchwater, the Lantau Trail at marker L102. After the long catchwater, participants will reach CP2 at Pui O and then follow the Lantau Trail markers until L139 in Mui Wo. The Challenge ends at The Kitchen, near the green mail box where it started.

25K Course
The new and improved 25K course starts at the green mailbox at the Mui Wo ferry pier and also follows the Lantau trail up and over both tops of Sunset Peak. There are 2 card collection points, one at the top of each peak. How you get between both of them is up to you so study your route. Afterward it’s down to a checkpoint 1 at Pak Kung Au where the route leaves the Lantau Trail to take the old Tung Chung road south (NOT the main road) in the direction of Cheung Sha Beach. The old unused road rejoins the lower part of the Lantau trail and at this junction you should turn left and head toward Pui O and check point 2. Then, follow the Lantau Trail back to Mui Wo, continuing along the Lantau Trail over Radio Hill and then to the finish at The Kitchen just before you reach Mui Wo ferry pier.
At the Finish
A unique medal will be awarded to those who finish AND collect all items and perform all tasks. A fun celebration will ensue!
Note: All monies raised will be donated to charity, after expenses. This is a non-profit event and is Hong Kong Hikers only annual fundraising event.
Official training will begin in October 2018. Hong Kong Hikers offer hikes nearly every day of the week during the cooler season and there will be many hikes scheduled that will be suitable for training if you cannot join the “official” training offered. You must be a member of Hong Kong Hikers on Groups.Places to participate.
Watch for registration opening in October!