Do you want to make your birthday become more exciting and meaningful?

Let us have a different birthday this year! 

  • Turn your birthday gifts into donation* directly now to make Light and Love Home's multiple projects can be extended, so that the elders and people in need in the community can receive support, and the strength of the regional volunteer teams will be greater.
  • or Become a "Light ME Up" fundraiser and build your fundraiser page, to show your friends and relatives the power of light and love, and call on your friends and relatives to turn your birthday gifts into donation to make your birthday gift more meaningful.

*Donations of $ 100 or more can be obtained from Light and Love Home for tax exemption.

The fundraiser can get a souvenir within 30 days after setting up the "Light ME Up" fundraiser page to reach the following fundraising amount:

-If you raise HK $ 1,000 or above, you will receive a certificate of appreciation from Light and Love Home for "Happy Birthday-Light ME Up"

-If you raise HK $ 2,500 or above, you will get a special personal calendar for Light and Love Home and a certificate of appreciation for "Happy Birthday-Light ME Up"


Your donation is very important:
-Donate HK $ 1,000 to prepare birthday gifts and host an unforgettable birthday party for 20 elders
-Donate HK $ 4,000 to subsidize 20 low-income families children to enroll courses
-Donate HK $ 10,000 to support the establishment of a regional volunteer team and a one-year operating budget 

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Yip at (852) 3619 5320 during office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00) or email [email protected]

About us: Light and Love Home was established in 1983. It is one of the about 170 social welfare charities funded by Social Welfare Department as well as the member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and The Community Chest. Light and Love Home Centre currently has 15 regional volunteer teams in various districts throughout Hong Kong. In 2017-18, the regional volunteer team held a total of about 350 different types of activities (including regional carnivals, interesting classes, birthday parties for the elderly, etc.), attracted more than 55,000 people to participate, and the total number of volunteer service hours reached 33,000 hours.