Fundraising for Nepalese Families Affected by the Devastating Fire on Nov 15

FringeBacker is initiating this fundraising campaign and waiving our fees to help the families and victims of one of Hong Kong deadliest fire that broke out in a Nepalese restaurant in Jordan killing seven people and injuring at least 13 others, devastating the Nepalese community.


Babu Kandel was celebrating his third birthday in the Jire Khursani restaurant before candles near the entrance set some acoustic lining on fire. Victims were trapped in the kitchen of the restaurant as the fire broke out outside the door.

His father, Yub Raj Kandel, died, as did his sister, Kritica Kandel, a secondary one student at Kiangsu-Chekiang College in North Point. His uncle, Raj Babu Nepal, 38, and cousin, Ryan Nepal, 8, a primary 3 student at Jordan Road Government Primary School, also died in the fire. His mother is fighting for her life at Queen Elizabeth Hospital's intensive care unit.

Two other diners, Anita Niraula, female aged 30, Sher Bahadur Gurund, male 39-year-old, and Binita Tamang female 40-year-old female restaurant owner were also killed. 10 people remain critically ill in the hospital. 


This fundraiser hopes to assist the 4 families of the deceased who have lost their precious family members, and most importantly their breadwinner. It will provide financial, social and psychological assistance to family members who lost their loved ones and to live through this tragic incident. 

Family of 3-year-old Babu Kandel who has lost his father Yub Raj Kandel and sister Kritica Kandel

Family of 8-year-old Ryan Nepal and his father Raj Babu Nepal who have both died

Family of Sher Bahadur Gurung 39

Family of restaurant owner Binita Tamang 40

Family of diner Anita Niraula 32

In times of COVID-19, it is even harder for the Nepalese families to endure the hardships to come. And to assist with the injured victims whose working abilities will be hindered for the short term due to hospitalisation.  


Left Photo: Deceased Binita Tamang 40 years old, Restaurant Owner and critically injured husband. 

Right Photo: Birthday boy Babu Kandel, Deceased Father Yub Raj Kandel, Deceased sister Kritica Kandel 13 years old, and critically injured mother. 

Above Photo: (first left) Deceased 8 year old Ryan Nepal, and deceased father Raj Babu Nepal



FringeBacker is waiving our fees for this campaign and the donations will be distributed to the victims. FringeBacker will work with community organizations like the Hong Kong Nepalese Federation to coordinate with the various families on their financial needs. 


Photo Credit: Hong Kong media and local news