Amity Walk for Living Water 2021

About the Amity Living Water Campaign


What is Walk for Living Water 2021?


The Living Water Campaign started in 2010, aims to raise public awareness on the global water crisis, and encourage people to make actions, to help improving the water and sanitation situations in poor areas. The Walk for Living Water is an annual walkathon of the Project. This event is in response to UN World Water Day campaign that aims to inform, engage and inspire action. This is the 2nd year of organizing a virtual walkathon.


How the funds will be used?


With the global epidemic raging, the needs of safe drinking water and sanitation in poor areas require extra attention. The fund raised is going to be used in areas in need in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, to build water and sanitation facilities, to improve the health and living conditions, as well as supporting awareness education on water conservation and environmental protection. The Project has supported to build 30 water and sanitation facilities for villages and schools.