HKSPC Family Day 2018


on 31 January 2018
HKSPC Family Day 2018
HKSPC Family Day 2018

2018 HKSPC Family Day

The 2018 HKSPC Family Day is one of our largest scale fundraising events of the year. Proceeds from this event will be used to support the daily operations at our 27 service centres across the SAR.

Themed ‘Families for Families’, the event will bring together families from different walks of life - because when you register for the event, your registration fee will sponsor a less privileged family under our care to join the event free of charge. It will be a unique opportunity for participating families to communicate with one another and to gain respect and appreciation for those different from them.

Our outreach include single-parent families, low-income families, new arrivals and ethnic minority families. Confronted with daily struggles, they rarely get to visit other areas of Hong Kong. A fun-filled day comprised of a family walk, buffet lunch and a kids’ carnival provides them the opportunity to gain more exposure and will be a unique life experience especially for the children. Through this event, we also aim to build on parent-child relationships, by offering parents and children a special occasion to enjoy quality time together.

Join our efforts to help the less privileged in Hong Kong!

* Participate in the Family Charity Walk

* Participate in the Corporate Relay Race

* Pledge Funds to Participating Teams

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Event Details

Date: 28 January 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: Gold Coast Hotel & Dolphin Square

Registration Fee: HK$3,800 (Family team of 4) & HK$15,000 (Corporate team of 3)

Registration Deadline: 18 January 2018 (Thursday)

Event Website: HKSPC Family Day


The walk/run will commence at the Gold Coast Hotel. Participants will then continue along the Waterfront Promenade to Dolphin Square and back to the hotel.


Email: [email protected]
Tel: 2396 0264

About Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC)

HKSPC commenced work in the 1920s in response to severe hardships suffered by children and their families during that era. Since its inception in 1926, HKSPC has expanded and diversified its care services in line with changing needs, moving beyond providing basic care and protection to nurturing and providing for the overall well-being and development of children in Hong Kong.

HKSPC currently operates 27 services units across the SAR and is one of the largest and most established NGO in its field. Our outreach includes children aged 0 to 16 and their families, providing services especially catered to the needs of working parents, single parents, low-income families, CSSA families, new arrival families and ethnic minority families. We serve approximately 3,000 children and their families on a daily basis.

In recent years, we have initiated efforts to help children facing acute developmental issues. We will further develop and consolidate service expertise on child development and parent education/support, with emphasis on early identification of and intervention for children at risk of developmental disabilities. Since last year, we have also undertaken a prominent advocacy role to address important children’s issues within the community and with governmental agencies; with the aim of initiating stronger governmental focus to monitor, promote and protect children’s rights for all and to provide for more service needs in Hong Kong.