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2015年 12月 31日

開始日期 : 2015年 11月 15日

項目結束 : 2015年 12月 31日

Merry, Blustery and Awesome are CUHK MBA students participating in the Operation Santa Claus (OSC) MBA Challenge. Since 1988, OSC has been an annual fundraising campaign that has raised over HK$230 million over the course of 27 years.

The objective of OSC is to raise public awareness and funds for some of the less well-known welfare organizations in Hong Kong. This year, the list includes 24 beneficiaries. We will be focusing our efforts to raise funds and awareness for youth organizations that promote active lifestyles for all regardless of income or disabilities: Sailability Hong Kong who enables disabled youths to sail or have a water based experience; Inspiring HK Sports Foundation that works to increase the social mobility of underprivileged youth in Hong Kong through sports activities such as running, fencing, tennis and dancing; and RDA Academy that enables disabled children and adults to ride horses.

What we offer

Merry, Blustery and Awesome has created a unique and beautiful Christmas Greeting card that we will sell online and at the following locations:

  1. Repulse Bay Bazaar fund raising event on the 28th of November.
  2. Tsim Sha Tsui pier fund raising event on the 6th, 13th  and 20th of December

In addition to selling the cards at these events, we will have a live Santa Claus that will be able to pose with visitors and we will be equipped to print the pictures on the spot and add them to the greeting card for a unique way to spread holiday cheers to family, friends, colleagues and employees! Various props will also be on hand to enable visitors to take pictures with their own devices so they can post to their social media sites and increase awareness of our selected beneficiaries.

Please donate generously so that everyone in our community can be active and reach for their dreams!


Merry, Blustery and Awesome


If you have an event at which you would like us to be present, please contact us by email! For more details about our events and to follow the latest developments, please reach out to the following addresses:



Email: [email protected]



(約 US$4*)

One exclusive design Christmas Greeting Card

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(約 US$33*)

A dozen (12) exclusive design Christmas Greeting Cards

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(約 US$65*)

Three dozen (36) exclusive design Christmas Greeting Cards

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(約 US$1,282*)

Corporate / Individual Sponsorship

Your company logo or special message will be printed in our Christmas Greeting Cards, mentioned on our social media and displayed at our public events.

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