DENTICE Dental Outreach Service Trip in Thailand Charity

DENTICE Dental Outreach Service Trip in Thailand

Project by Dentice

DENTICE, being a portmanteau combining "Dental" and "Service", is established in 2014 by dental students in University of Hong Kong, who are dedicated to serving underprivileged communities by promoting oral health. In the past few years, our scope of service had extended to Hong Kong, mainland China, Cambodia and Sri Lanka communities. This year, collaborating with Cheerful Life Foundation, a Thai NGO providing supports to lower-profile individuals, DENTICE will organize an outreach service trip to Bangkok in the coming summer, providing necessary preventive dental treatments and oral health information to the lower-class children and villagers there through the efforts of dentists and dental students in our team. We hope this project will not only promote oral health awareness amongst our participants, but will also inspire fellow dental students to take the initiative to serve the underprivileged.

75 days

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